SPOTTED: Here's Where MUJI Coffee's Second Branch Is Opening

No need to drive to BGC for a cup!
by Leana Vibal
March 21, 2023
Holly Garcia Warren Espejo

( Around June last year, we got our first look at the first MUJI Coffee counter in the country. Located in Central Square in BGC, MUJI Coffee's first outpost has been a favorite not only for its signature cups of coffee but also for its minimalist modern interiors that make it conducive for post-caffeine ruminations and afternoon get-togethers. For so long, a trip to BGC has been necessary just to get your dose of MUJI Coffee, but that looks like it's about to change as there have been reports of a new MUJI Coffee counter being built somewhere around the Metro slated to open on May 12.

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Here's everything we know about MUJI's latest coffee shop:

In our own exploration and investigation around the Metro, we saw a MUJI Coffee board-up on the fourth floor of Shangri-La Plaza's East Wing—right beside the Shangri-La MUJI branch. 

PHOTO BY Holly Garcia
PHOTO BY Holly Garcia
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Coincidentally, today, April 24, MUJI announced the coming of their second coffee counter in the Philippines all over their social media platforms. "We're excited to announce the opening of our second coffee counter at MUJI Shangri-La Plaza! Join us on May 12, 2023, to be among the first to experience our wide selection of carefully crafted drinks made with only the freshest ingredients. We can't wait to see you there!" reads the caption on their photo post. 

PHOTO BY Instagram/ MUJI Philippines

By the looks of the boardup, it seems as though this new coffee counter will roughly be the same size as the one in BGC's Central Square. We hope to see the same minimalist chic designs that many of us loved in their first location, along with their signature cups of joe. Although the branch is not in the North as expected, it's still a win for coffee fans everywhere as there is no longer a BGC monopoly on the brand's signature brews

PHOTO BY Holly Garcia

We're keeping our eyes peeled for any new developments on this, and we're still keeping our fingers crossed that a third branch of the Coffee Counter finally makes its way up North, where MUJI is slated to open its largest branch to date. Here's to wishful thinking, right Spotters?

For more information, visit MUJI Philippines' Facebook page.

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UPDATE (April 24, 6:19 p.m.) MUJI just announced the opening date for MUJI Cafe at Shangri La Plaza. It will open on May 12, 2023. The article has been updated to reflect this development.