Roundup: The Essential Froyo Spots in Manila

Frozen yogurt is making a comeback and we are all for it.
by Patricia Baes
June 01, 2023
Facebook/llaollao Philippines, Facebook/Pinkberry Philippines

( Here in the Philippines, it's never not a good time for something cold, creamy, and sweet. And on days when ice cream feels too heavy, frozen yogurt—also called froyo by the cool kids—is your best bet. Made with yogurt (as the name implies), froyo is decidedly lighter and tangier, making for a refreshing treat that can be adorned with all sorts of toppings and sauces. The frozen dessert—which first gained popularity in Manila around the late 2000s to the early 2010s—seems to be going through a bit of a resurgence now, and we're all for it. These reliable shops have you covered the next time the hankering hits.

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Looking for froyo? Visit these stores in Manila:

Red Mango

PHOTO BY Red Mango Facebook page

Hailing from Korea, Red Mango is one of the OGs of the local froyo scene. Their tangy but fairly creamy froyo (starts at P90/small) is versatile enough that it's satisfying in itself but also takes well to their range of toppings—which includes fruits (mangoes of course, kiwi, et cetera), cereal (e.g. Special K, Fruity Pebbles), nuts (walnuts, cashews, et cetera), more decadent bites (think cheesecake or brownie cubes!), and so on. Apart from the regular froyo, they've also got a green-tea flavored version that's just a touch earthy.

See a list of Red Mango branches.


PHOTO BY Koomi Philippines ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo
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This Aussie brand might best be known for their yogurt drinks, but they also peddle froyo (starts at P115), too—one that's properly bright in taste and light in texture. They've got a couple of fruit, nuts, sauces (of the likes of ube, matcha, even Choc Nut!), and other fun toppings on their roster. Or, you can save yourself the decision fatigue by going for one of their preselected flavors (P149/medium)—think KitKat My Eyes Oreo with KitKat and Nutella, or Cheese Ube-be with ube syrup, dessicated coconut, and a cheese foam.

See a list of Koomi branches.



Most froyo spots vary things up in the toppings department but stock just one variant of the actual yogurt. Enter Pinkberry, which swirls up frozen yogurt in flavors like Original, Strawberry, and Hazelnut—apart from rotating seasonals like Keso, Fig & Honey, Cookies & Cream, Wild Blueberry, and more! Their topping game ain't too shabby, either; apart from fruits, nuts, and cereals, fan faves at the shop include mochi bits, Heath bar pieces, and the tangy-creamy lemon cookie crunch.

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PHOTO BY Facebook/Yogorino PH

Yogorino is a famous Italian frozen-yogurt brand whose store front flaunts a distinct teal-and-white motif. Their selection of toppings—which covers the essential fruits, nuts, and more fun add-ons like marshmallows and sprinkles—is relatively small compared to the others, but the star here is their froyo (starts at P120/regular plain yogurt, cup or cone)—which boasts plenty of sour power and is plenty satisfying plain. Yogorino sells gelato, too.

See a list of Yogorino branches.


PHOTO BY llaollao Philippines

llaollao—pronounced 'yao yao'—comes from Spain, and their frozen yogurt (starts at P99/small, plain; P 129/small with topping) is on the just-right end of taste and density spectrums. They're best known for their wide range of sauces, which go beyond the usuals and include the likes of passionfruit, white chocolate, and the famous Lotus caramelized biscuit-flavored variations. (Keep an eye out for the unicorn that is the pistachio sauce.) Other toppings you can choose from are fruits like watermelon and kiwi; sweets like Nestle Crunch and Oreo; and more. Pro tip: should the craving come petsa de peligro, go for the Petitllao—a small cup of plain frozen yogurt for just P50.

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BLK 513

PHOTO BY BLK 513 Facebook page

BLK 513 immediately stands out for the slate-gray shade of their frozen yogurt (starts at P155 with one topping on cone); fret not; it's not from dirt, but from the addition of activated charcoal. This surprisingly doesn't change the flavor much—you get the familiar tanginess of froyo, and ample creaminess to boot, and you've gotta admit the resulting froyo looks totally rad on cam! The distinct color also allows their toppings to stand out; take your pick from fruits like strawberries, crunchy elements like cereal and crushed biscuits, and sauces in flavors like Spiced Cookie Caramel and Strawbery Cheesecake.

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PHOTO BY Facebook/YoWell Philippines

This relative newcomer has gained a steady set of fans for their fairly affordable frozen yogurt that's priced by weight—P25 per hundred grams, what have you. It's fairly airy in itself but can be jazzed up with toppings, the range of which includes mangoes, boba, mini marshmallows, strawberry and chocolate syrups, and more. Go crazy with it.

See a list of YoWell branches.

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