Add to Cart: Instant Ippudo Ramen for a Quick Ramen Fix Anytime

Meet your new rainy-day essential.
by Bea Faicol
June 07, 2023
S& Membership Shopping and Ippudo website

( The rainy days are here, as was officially announced by PAGASA. For the past years, we’ve always relied on bowls of quintessential bulalo, sinigang, or champorado to get us through, but in recent years we've come to get our dose of cold-weather comfort through ramen.  

If the rain suddenly pours down and you can’t go out, and food delivery is not available and/or dangerous, we've got just the thing. Ippudo has ramen kits available at S&R Membership Shopping!

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Stock up on Ippudo's ramen kits at S&R Membership Shopping:

That's right: S&R sells the Ippudo Gift Ramen Akamaru & Shiromaru Gift Box, which contains the aforementioned signature ramen bowls of Ippudo—but instant versions of them. That means you can prepare them at home or in the office, anytime the craving strikes!

PHOTO BY S&R Membership Shopping

The Akamaru is a bolder pork broth-based ramen that has thin noodles, miso paste, chashu, cabbage, sesame kikurage mushrooms, while the Shiromaru is Ippudo's tonkotsu ramen that has the same components but without the miso paste, making for a lighter taste. 

Priced at P1,299, this Ippudo gift box has two servings each of the Shiromaru and Akamaru, which totals four ramen bowls. When you dine in at Ippudo, these ramen bowls cost more than P400. When you multiply it by four, you're basically getting an extra bowl for free. But of course, that's not to say the experience of dining in is close to preparing the ramen kits at home—each has its own pros and cons.

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