Binondo's Famous New Po Heng Lumpia Is Now Available in the South

This is their first branch outside of the Binondo neighborhood!
by Bea Faicol
June 08, 2023
Bea Faicol and Facebook/New Po Heng - BF Homes

( Anyone who goes to Binondo ought to know that eating is a mandatory part of your Chinatown itinerary. A few of the many Binondo institutions people always go to are Dong Bei's dumplings, Shanghai Fried Siopao, Sincerity's fried chicken, and of course, New Ho Peng Lumpia House's hefty fresh lumpia.  

It would be easy to satisfy New Ho Peng cravings if one lived near the two Binondo-based locations it currently has, but alas, not everyone is as fortunate. But it seems as though luck is on the Southies' side as New Ho Peng is finally branching outside of the Binondo neighborhood for the first time, and opening a new store in the South of Metro Manila, specifically in BF Homes!

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Binondo's Famous New Ho Peng Fresh Lumpia is Opening a Branch in BF Homes:


Rejoice: the new New Po Heng branch in BF Homes has its famous Original Fresh Lumpia (P118)! In case you've never tried this quintessential Binondo eat, this is a Chinese-style lumpia that's known to check all three boxes: taste, size, and price. It has a soft wrapper generously filled with fresh cabbage, carrots, tofu, and minced meat cooked in a shrimp base. As with any fresh lumpia, it includes an equally generous peanut sauce, seaweed, and a sprinkle of sugar to bring it more flavor and texture.

PHOTO BY Facebook/New Po Heng - BF Homes
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Sure, the Original Fresh Lumpia is famous and everyone who food crawls in Binondo has it on their list, but we'd argue that not everyone knows that New Po Heng has other items on the menu too. At the new branch, they also serve two kinds of maki. There's the regular Pork Maki Soup (P98/Regular, P168/Large) which has tender pork slices in a thick brown broth and beaten eggs, and then there's the Fish Maki Soup (P98/Regular, P168/Large) which has tanigue instead of the pork. For a heftier meal, there's Kiampong (P68) which is jasmine rice cooked in soy sauce, shiitake mushrooms, and bits of sliced meat.

PHOTO BY Facebook/New Po Heng-BF Homes

The New Po Heng branch is at 29 President Avenue, Teoville Subdivision, Parañaque City. According to their Facebook page, the store is closest the Aguirre Avenue gate. Non-residents who would like to bring their own vehicle need to leave their I.D. at the gate, but if not, commuting is also a viable option.

New Po Heng's Parañaque branch is at 29 President Avenue, Teoville Subdivision, Parañaque City. For more information, check out New Po Heng-BF Homes's Facebook page.

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