Peanut Butter and Chocolate Join Forces in This Nutty New Mo' Cookie

No need to choose between peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, folks.
by Patricia Baes
June 09, 2023
Mo' Cookies Warren Espejo

( Cookie monsters aren't all the same banana. Everyone's got their go-to's, and sure, the classic chocolate chip cookie's a popular choice—but elsewhere we've got the nutty folks on the peanut-butter cookie camp. Why choose, though, when you can have both chocolate and peanut butter in one fun treat by one of Manila's best cookie shops? That treat in question is Mo' Cookies' new Peanut Butter Crackle Cookie, launching right in time for Father's Day!

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There's a nutty new number over at cookie shop Mo' Cookies:

The Peanut Butter Crackle (P170) crosses over two well-loved cookie elements—chocolate and peanut butter, which, BTW, have quite the natural affinity for each other (as anyone who loves a good peanut-butter cup would know!). Every palm-sized piece gives you melty pools of dark chocolate, scoops of peanut butter, and crisp-crackly blocks of peanut brittle for a rich, bittersweet, caramel-speckled bite no dessert fan would dare turn down.

Ain't he suave. 
PHOTO BY Mo' Cookies

This limited-edition cookie makes a great gift for Dad this Father's Day—go hit up your nearest Mo' branch if ever, or place your orders through their website—but we won't judge if you decide to hoard for yourself. For, uh, science. (We might just be doing precisely that, ourselves.)

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Mo' Cookies is a cookie shop from the Moment Group of Restaurants. ICYMI, their Chocolate Chip Cookies are some of our favorite of its kind in Manila, thanks to its perfect pairing of a crisp exterior and chewy interior, as well as its generous amount of melty chocolate chips.

See a list of  Mo' Cookies branches. For delivery orders, check out Mo' Cookies on Moment Food's website. For more information, check out Mo' Cookies' Facebook page.

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