Macao Imperial Tea Lands on Boracay's Shores

And they're celebrating with BOGO deals.
by Louise Lizan
August 18, 2022
Macao Imperial Tea Warren Espejo
PHOTO BY Macao Imperial Tea ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( Let's be real here, there is never not a good time and place to enjoy a drink from Macao Imperial Tea. Agree, ardent lovers of milk tea (a.k.a. the general public)? Nothing beats having the goodness of Taiwanese bubble and fruit teas anytime and anywhere—whether at home and chilling; hanging out with friends outdoors; or, say, here's a rather specific one, on the beach basking in the sun.


Having established its first branch in Quezon City in 2017, the Macau-based milk tea brand is now bringing its refreshing beverages to our shores, this time literally, as it opens in one "The World's Greatest Places of 2022" according to Time magazine: the stunning Boracay Island. Yup, here's your sign to go to the beach.

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Macao Imperial Tea sets up shop in Boracay

PHOTO BY Macao Imperial Tea
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Starting August 19,  locals and tourists alike can visit Macao Imperial in Station 1 to get their milk-tea fix from one of the biggest chains in the country. Their shop is next to Astoria Boracay.

In case you haven't tried their drinks, allow us to direct you to some of their bestselling beverages: of course, the no-fail, famous Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea (P140/Alto, P160/Maior), which is the right creamy balance of cheesecake and tea in one cup. Not to mention its addicting tapioca pearls to add a fun layer of chewing while you sip away.

PHOTO BY Macao Imperial Tea

If you love Oreos and cheesecake, hit two birds with one sip with the Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea. Or, if you're into the basics, Macao Imperial Tea’s Black Pearl Milk Tea will do the trick. If you love both, well, on opening day, you can buy one Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea and get one free Black Pearl Milk Tea. Sweet deal, right?

Note that a maximum of five bundles per customer is allowed per transaction. If you can't wait but line up early on August 19, the first 100 guests have the chance to get a limited-edition tumbler.

Macao Imperial Tea's Boracay branch is/will be at Station 1, Boracay (beside Astoria).

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For more information and updates, check out Macao Imperial Tea Philippines' Facebook page.