You Can Buy Your Ramen and Eat It Too at This Korean Grocery

Just like those scenes in K-Dramas.
by Pat Villarica
September 07, 2022
Facebook/Funhan Mart, Pat Villarica Warren Espejo
PHOTO BY Facebook/Funhan Mart, Pat Villarica ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( Ah yes, Korean groceries. There's something about them that always calls out to us whenever we're craving a midnight snack. Perhaps it's the infinite ramen options, or perhaps the soju whispering in our ears. It's in almost every corner you turn to, given how fascinated we Filipinos are by K-Culture. Now, we know how it goes, you head on to your nearest grocery, pick your fave instant noodles as well as other snacks, then go home. But what if we told you you can cook your ramen in-store? Yup, just like those scenes in your fave dramas. Such is the concept of Funhan Mart, a chain of Korean groceries that arrived during the pandemic.


You can buy your ramen and eat it, too, at their branches. We headed on down to their spot at The Forum in Bonifacio Global City to try out the vibe ourselves. Let us take you on for the K-Drama ride. 

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This Korean grocery lets you live out your K-Drama fantasy:

PHOTO BY Facebook/Funhan Mart
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Upon entering, bright lights welcome you—a happy feel different from some of the more known convenience stores/grocery concepts found in the Metro. Familiar K-Pop tunes serenade you as your take in the shelves filled to the brim with imported goodies. 

You browse around and finally, your eyes land on the so-called ramen row that occupies a whole corner of the store. Take your pick from the countless ramen options—from the more popular Shin Ramyun (price varies) to more obscure, hard-to-find varieties like Ottogi's Seaweed Soup with Beef Ramen (P65), varieties you've probably never heard of before.

Feast your eyes on endless noodle options. 
PHOTO BY Pat Villarica
Ottogi's Seaweed Soup with Beef Ramen (P65). 
PHOTO BY Pat Villarica

There are also various sweets to nibble on, and ice cream to cool you down should your visit be on a hot and humid day. Nothing new for a grocery—it is after all the main purpose of the spot—but what sets it apart from others is that you can cook your instant ramen and dine on the spot. Yep, you heard that right, this grocery also doubles as a café-slash-restaurant for quick bites in between meetings.

The EZ Cook lets you cook your choice of instant ramen.
PHOTO BY Pat Villarica

Curious as to how? Well, all you need to do is take your goodies to the cashier, let them know that you intend to dine in then pay for your items. Take note that they charge for the ramen plate (P25) that you need to use on the EZ Cook. 

Water is dispensed into the dish and then cooked on the induction stovetop for roughly 5 minutes.
PHOTO BY Pat Villarica
The famous ice-in-a-cup concept can be found right next to some of your favorite ice cream brands.
PHOTO BY Pat Villarica

In case you want a quick pick-me-up, Funhan Mart also has the ice-in-a-cup concept that's widely popular in Korea. Go for their Iced Coffee (P70) which has a variety of Maxim Instant Coffee flavors to choose from. Oh, should you also have the sudden hankering for kimchi (because why wouldn't you?), then you can grab a solo serving for just P35.

The author's meal at Funhan Mart.
PHOTO BY Pat Villarica

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The Funhan Mart branch we checked out is at G/F The Forum, Federacion Drive, corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City.

See a list of Funhan Mart branches. For more information, check out Funhan Mart's Facebook page.

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