Chris Hemsworth Is Coming to Manila

Mark your calendars.
by Mia Rodriguez
May 19, 2023
netflix / extraction 2

( Tyler Rake is coming to wreak havoc. Or to be more literal, Extraction star Chris Hemsworth will be in Manila on June 5—which can only mean yup, happy havoc for fans of the Hollywood A-lister. Netflix dropped the news on May 18 with a clip from Hemsworth himself. We'll keep quiet now and let you hear it from the man himself. 

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Chris Hemsworth coming to Manila for Extraction 2


"I don’t want you to miss out so please come join me. It’ll be fun," says Hemsworth in the clip. Don't be fooled by his clean IRL appearance. He's coming to Manila precisely for the APAC red carpet premiere of Extraction 2 where he returns as merciless mercenary Tyler Rake. Remember the first Extraction flick that had everyone's buttholes clenched throughout? Prep for more of that. Netflix confirms that director Sam Hargrave will walk the red carpet with the star, too. 

The first film ended on a rather open note but this time, we're sure Tyler Rake makes it alive for the second movie. This time, he's tasked with rescuing a Georgian gangster's family from prison.

PHOTO BY netflix / extraction 2
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Joe Russo is back to pen the sequel, with him and his brother Anthony co-producing. Hemsworth called the first film "the most exhausting ride I’ve ever been on," in an interview with back in 2020 so we can't wait to see how the follow-up, well, follows up. 

Extraction 2 premieres on June 16, only on Netflix.