Antoinette Jadaone's Latest Film With GCash Tells a Story of Hope + Triumph Amid Adversity

This is how Ate Alma's #GCashStory turned a moment into a movement.
May 17, 2023

A lot of stories have been told about weathering natural disasters and deadly catastrophes, and in almost every instance, the word “hope” shows itself triumphing in the face of adversity. It manifests in such an oddly magical way just like historical tales from eons ago.

Hope comes from a place of love. It is an emotional component that holds such power where everybody achieves a win, even if they lose—especially when they lose. Nothing is as powerful as the people that hold such strength, and how they have channeled this strength, not just for themselves but for others as well, through such an unforgiving calamity. It’s a story they can tell their children’s children, and make it an example of never giving up during the hardest of times. 

Such is the story of Award-winning director Antoinette Jadaone’s latest short film, Alma. It came to fruition with the help of #GCashStories, a campaign that aims to share the stories of the brand's 79 million GCash users and counting. Let's take a look at Ate Alma's story below:

Who is Ate Alma?

“Alma” revolves around Ateneo’s very own Ate Alma, a humble photocopier by day, and an honest-to-goodness-loving mother by night. What’s amazing is that she isn’t just a mother to her own children; She is a mother to all and is loved by almost every Atenista you know, and it’s easy to see why.

She started working as a photocopier at the prestigious Ateneo de Manila University in 1995 and has since then been loved by everyone around the campus. Each and every one who availed her services at her small spot on campus was not just her customers, but also her “panggas.” It’s a term of endearment used usually for people you love or has a deep connection with, and Ate Alma’s usage of this enchanting word amplifies how much of a warm and welcoming person she is.

The Enduring Love for Ate Alma: Ateneo's Photocopier-Mother

In November 2020, Ate Alma faced a devastating loss. Just when people thought that the pandemic couldn’t get any more catastrophic, Typhoon Ulysses hit Manila. A lot of people were affected, including the beloved Ate Alma’s home. They were flooded, and the world, in turn, came crashing down on them.

A part of the short film shows that one bit, but before that, students were already getting baffled because she was missing from her photocopying stall. She left a note to one of her panggas, Diane, including her handouts for an upcoming test. A Kuya Janitor told Diane that Ate Alma went home to ensure that her family was okay.

In the coming days, Ate Alma didn’t show up at Ateneo because of the tragedy that took almost everything from them. This is where the community and genuine camaraderie came in. Current students and alumni alike spread the word all over social media that Ate Alma needed help. The posts and viral TikTok videos included her very own GCash QR Code in order for people to donate any amount they can via GCash's Send Money feature. Immediately and without any hesitation, everyone chipped in.

GCash notif after GCash notif after GCash notif surprised Ate Alma and her family. Blessings everywhere, including from ones that she didn’t know, came in just like how rainbows show up after a storm. She was just floored by the amount she was given and had nothing but pure gratitude toward everyone.

#GCashStories: Inspiring Hope in Unexpected Ways

Alma embodies what we all have in us: the drive to help those in need, be it a friend or a random person. When we are given the capacity to help, we help. This is Ate Alma’s #GCashStory, and yours as well, in any way or form.

Modernizing the way we pay for our day-to-day needs has been a breather for all of us, and it’s all thanks to the help of convenient and efficient e-wallets such as GCash. With a few taps on our phones, everything’s transferred in a minute or less. Although paying in physical cash is not a bygone era, and it might never be, having this alternative is very much welcome. What’s amazing about it is that it can be used in more ways than basic transactions. Online donations, pet insurances, and humans too, stocks, NFTs, you name it and it's all there rolled into one compact finance super app. GCash is a key factor in Antoinette Jadaone’s charming short movie.

Watch the Alma movie by Antoinette Jadaone below:

You can also share your own story using the hashtags #GCashStories and #MyGCashStory and tag @gcashofficial on social media, and inspire the 81 million users and more that there's hope when we least expect it.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with GCash.

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