Just How Essential is Roaming When Traveling Abroad?

We've laid out the facts so you can see why it's worth a try!
May 17, 2023

We noticed that a lot of people have been going abroad lately—no surprises there! Everyone is bound to get “itchy feet” after those years of no travel. So, we decided to write this article to help fellow travelers eliminate internet problems when abroad, just because we know how vital it is. It’s our gift, from one passionate traveler to another.

When it comes to internet access, people do any of the three: change SIMS to use data, bring a pocket WiFi, or look for places with free WiFi abroad. But how about trying another option– your roaming service? People assume it’s expensive or complicated to use, but actually, that’s not the case. So today, we’re clearing the air! Our case in point: Globe Roaming. It’s really budget-friendly and easy to use, you’d be surprised.

Why use roaming over the alternatives

Roaming removes issues with using other alternatives. For example, if you use roaming instead of changing to a local SIM, you won’t have to worry about switching SIMs again on cross-country trips, dealing with problems in countries where foreigners are not allowed to buy SIMs, having a carrier-locked phone, or being in a non-English speaking country where it may be harder to find SIMs with an English option.

Meanwhile, using a pocket WiFi, may also be problematic if you’re traveling in a group (hard to share connectivity to multiple devices) or misplacing the device.

Depending on free WiFi is also limiting. You’re bound to lose connectivity as you move.

But with Roaming, you will get to enjoy several benefits. For one, you will get to access the Internet anywhere you are and use your connection to navigate, keep in touch with your travel group, and of course, share photos and updates from your trip on social media.

The best part: You get to use your original Globe SIM while traveling abroad so you can keep your lines open and still receive OTPs for transactions.

How to get budget-friendly roaming services

We know that going abroad can be expensive. You have to pay for your visa, travel agent, your tour if you’re getting one, plane tickets, a place to stay, food, transportation to get around, travel insurance, pasalubong, and other incidentals. The last thing you’ll want to worry about is hefty roaming charges!

But fear not, as Globe Roaming won’t break your budget.

If you’re traveling to Hong Kong, Thailand, or Indonesia, get Globe Roaming’s GoRoam option. Its promos match the local SIMs’ offers, removing the hassle of having to get and set up a local SIM, and momentarily parting from your local SIM.

GoRoam Hong Kong gives you 3GB/5 days for P600. GoRoam Thailand gives you 15GB/8 days for P500. GoRoam Indonesia gives you 25GB/30 days for P400.

How to use Globe Roaming for cross-country trips

So you’re flying to Denmark, then cruising to Norway, then hopping to Iceland, then jetting off to Sweden. Does that mean you have to buy a different SIM at every stop? If you use Roam Surf Longer Stay, you won’t have to.

You can use Roam Surf Longer Stay, which is available for as low as P200/day, in over 90 countries and you’ll only need one pack as you hop from country to country. Choose from a wide range of subscription options, from 3 days all the way to 30 days. Roam Surf Longer Stay is extremely helpful since cross-country trips usually require you to go online for various activities such as booking additional flights and different tours, searching for places to visit or things to do, and even using a translator app.

How to use and activate GoRoam and Roam Surf Longer Stay

You may think using Roaming is complicated. But it’s actually hassle-free! Here's how to do it:

1. First, subscribe to an offer by downloading and logging on to the GlobeOne app. Click Buy > Choose the account you're buying for. Search for Roaming on the catalog or on the search bar. From there you'll see all the Roam Surf Longer Stay or GoRoam offers available. Just follow the steps to purchase a promo.

2. After successfully registering for a promo, you'll get a message telling you that your request has been processed.

3. Once abroad, just turn on your Mobile Data and Data Roaming in your settings. You'll get a text saying that your promo is already active, and you can start surfing! It's that easy.

So, should you use roaming?

In short, BIG yes! Globe Roaming, in particular, is a great way to get affordable and easy-to-use internet access abroad. It’s like a reliable travel companion that lets you create core memories that you can share anytime, anywhere.

To know more about Globe Roaming, its Roam Surf Longer Stay promo, and other GoRoam promos, visit the Globe Roaming portal. For updates, follow Globe on Facebook.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Globe.

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