Mo-Tour City: All Roads Lead to the First Leg of Y-Club Day

Fostering camaraderie among Yamaha Club members
May 30, 2023

It’s not often that we get up early on a Sunday, but last weekend was a special case. While the rest of the world was still asleep save for a handful of joggers, the atmosphere at the Y-Zone Flagship store in Mandaluyong was electric. Dozens of riders milled around, suiting up and doing final safety checks before the big ride. And this was THE big ride—the Y-Club Day Motorcade, the first of its kind since the pandemic.

Y-Club has been bringing riders and enthusiasts together for 12 years now. With 56 Yamaha clubs and groups under its umbrella, it’s one of the largest motorcycle organizations in the country. Y-Club is an inclusive group; everyone from big bike owners to scooter riders, and even novices are encouraged to join. All the better to learn the basics of riding and safety from veteran riders.

The motorcade itself was a good lesson in safety and road courtesy. Riders lined up in the standard staggered formation, for maximum safety, with lead and sweeper riders ensuring the group stayed together and didn’t unnecessarily inconvenience other road users. The trip was largely uneventful, but what awaited the riders was anything but.

The Filinvest Tent in Alabang doesn’t often host events this big. With over a thousand riders congregating inside its walls for the Y-Club Mania Conference, the hall was packed for the convention. Hosted by long-time hosts Patricia Reyes and Revo Eslava, it was filled with talks and activities that highlighted the ethos of Y-Club: not just a club, but a means for advocacy. The group hopes to bring riders together in camaraderie; promote safe riding and community involvement; and promote the use of the motorcycle in pushing for national development through motor-tourism. And, of course, for everyone to have fun while doing it.

Part of the fun was the test-ride course, where riders could try out bikes ranging from the XSR 155 to the XMAX grand tourer. For those who wanted a little more Heart-Revving excitement, the YZF R15M and its more understated MT-15 twin were also on hand.

Inside the tent, there was even more for Y-Club members: merchandise from sponsors such as SEC, RCB, and Imprint Customs, as well as refreshments from SIP and Vida. There were food booths and even catered lunches for attendees. Prizes awaited club members who took part in the games and contests—in one, they had to demonstrate a deep knowledge of road rules and signs. In another, they showed off their TikTok chops, with Sean Miko of Aerox Club Philippines showcasing his mad dance skills.

Aerox Club Philippines doubled up its winnings for the weekend by besting the jersey design contest with a striking black and red outfit that mixed native design, national symbolism, and a tribute to the beloved Aerox itself painted on the back.

Tribe of Riders took home top honors in the custom bike show. In a field full of colorful paint jobs and carbon fiber fairings, their wild custom bike really stood out!

Yamaha United clinched a win with its inspirational video, which featured the experiences of a young lady rider, learning to love the newfound freedom and opportunities granted by her Yamaha, and the camaraderie of Y-Club.

Indeed, there were a lot of young faces in the audience, as well as oldies—a mingling of the generations under one roof: the Y-Club banner.

To celebrate this, Yamaha also relaunched the Y-Club logo, to better reflect this diversity and strength, and reaffirm its commitment to supporters and enthusiasts. It’s been a long time since Yamaha Motor Philippines has been able to go all out for them, but with a dizzying lineup of activities and events, including the upcoming Visayas and Mindanao legs for the Y-Club Day, there will be something for everyone.

For more information on Yamaha products and events, visit the Yamaha Motor Philippines' website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with YAMAHA.

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