Beep Card Expired? Here's How to Extend Its Validity

For just P10.
by Pia Regalado
December 26, 2022
Mia Rodriguez

( With a shortage in beep cards, commuters are asked to take good care of the ones they have. But what if it's about to expire? Don't fret -- you can extend its validity for one more year.

Beep cards, tap-to-pay cards used for train and bus rides and even in food kiosks, are designed to expire after four years to ensure it won't malfuction due to wear and tear, beep said.

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Those who plan to keep using their beep cards for another year can renew it 180 days before or after its expiry for just P10.

The new expiry date will be based on the same month as the original expiry date, plus one year. So if your renewed your card which will expire in December 2022, its new expiry date is December 2023.


Here's how to renew your beep card:

PHOTO BY Beep Card Website

1. Check the back of your card for the expiration date so you would know when to extend its validity.

2. Make sure you have a load of no less than P10.

3. Visit any of these locations for the beep card express renewal devices:

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  • All Rail stations (LRT1, LRT2 at MRT 3)
  • SSSI BGC Telus booth in McKinley and Market! Market!
  • TAS Trans Nuvali terminal booth
  • San Agustin Trans Terminal
  • Coming soon: One Ayala Terminal and LNC

Do not remove the card before the P10 fee is deducted so it will not be blacklisted.