Here’s How to Get the Most Out of Unilever’s Beauty Sale

Up to 50% off!
May 19, 2023

Hey there, beauty junkies! Let me guess, you’re probably still on the hunt for your holy grail products. Well then, here’s one to get you excited: Get
up to 50% OFF on beauty products at The Unilever x Shopee Be Your Standard Sale from May 24 to 25, 2023. So, don’t miss the chance to replenish your beauty arsenal to get you feeling good and on point this season. We’re talking about all things skincare, haircare, and all forms of self-care so you can get the chance to handpick and match products for a regimen fit for your unique kind of beauty.

Check out some of the items you can score on sale:

Vaseline Gluta Hya Serum Burst Lotion Dewy Radiance 330ml

The heavy, sticky feel may cause you to skip lotions. Good thing this one bursts into water droplets and easily absorbs on your skin along with its Glutaglow, Hyaluron, and Niacinamide that help you ditch the dull skin and embrace radiance from bright and glowing skin with regular use.

Vaseline Gluta Hya Serum Burst Lotion Flawless Glow 330ml

Here’s another goodie for that dream glow. The difference this lotion has with the Dewy Radiance variant is its addition of pro-retinol, known for helping to exfoliate dead skin cells, and double UV filters for sun protection, which helps reduce dark spots to give you even-toned skin when used regularly.

POND’S Bright Triple Glow Facial Serum with Gluta Boost, Niacinamide for Hydrated Skin 30g

How about a much-needed glow boost? Try giving your skin a regular day and night treat with this serum. It champions three superstar ingredients: Gluta-boost-C to help brighten dark spots, niacinamide to help refine skin texture, and Hyaluronic Acid for that dewy look.

POND'S Age Miracle Anti Aging Essence with 3x Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide 30g

There’s no shame in wanting to age gracefully. Start with applying this miracle essence to your routine regularly for powerful ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and maintain soft, supple, and youthful-looking skin.

Vaseline SPF 50+ PA++++ Daily Protection & Brightening Serum Lotion

Admit it: you're probably guilty of putting off sunscreen once in a while. If that's the case, this SPF lotion may help do the trick in keeping you protected from UVA and UVB rays, blue light, and pollution while keeping the skin bright, healthy, and hydrated.

POND'S UV Sunscreen UV Hydrate with Hyaluron for Instant Hydration 50mL

For beach trips and all the other under-the-sun activities, a lightweight, hyaluronic-infused, and dual protection SPF 50 PA++++ Broad Spectrum sunscreen like this one may be best to help stay on top of hydration and sun protection. Bonus: it helps give a fresh, glass skin finish with no white cast.

Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Hair Conditioner Hairfall Defense with Tri-Oleo 1.4L

Raise your hand if you've also looked at your hair fall in disbelief! But don't worry; massage this conditioner on the ends of your hair to help nourish the strands, transforming weak hair to beyond beautiful.

TRESemmé Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Keratin Smooth for Dry and Frizzy Hair 620ml Bundle

No time for a salon visit? Using a salon-like quality shampoo and conditioner regularly may help maintain smooth and straight hair while avoiding frizz and dryness. Try the ones from TRESemmé and see the difference!

TRESemme Serum Conditioner Keratin Smooth with Kera10 Complex 1.4L

If unruly hair is your thing, you might need an extra oomph from a serum slash conditioner like this one. It has a kera10 protein complex and oleo serum that helps deeply nourish dry and frizzy hair and extends hair smoothness—that’s one way to tame your locks!

Cream Silk Treatment Keratin Rebond Straight 650ml

Maintaining straight, salon-treated hair is a breeze when you care for it with the right products. This treatment is made for just that—restoring and nourishing each hair strand to help treat healthy, beautiful hair with regular use.

Dove Advanced Keratin Treatment Mask 400ml

Ever got your hair damaged from coloring, heat-styling, or tight hairstyles? Apply this mask regularly to give it a shot of keratin, niacinamide, and vitamin complex, which helps repair your locks and restore a smooth, healthy mane.

Redefine your beauty by your own standards! Catch the Unilever x Shopee Be Your Standard Sale for exciting discounts and free shipping promos and choose hair, skin, and self-care products that unleash your unique kind of beauty on your own terms. Speaking of free shipping and collectible vouchers, you can get more when you buy more from these beauty essentials. You can also win *exclusive* items like the Dyson Hair Dryer and a Viajecito Splashkit!

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