Had a Long, Tiring Day? This Is How You Can Make Up for It

Dove and Grab collaborated so you can #CompleteYourShower after a long day!
May 31, 2023

Who hasn’t experienced the thrill and the frustration of going through the morning rush? If you can’t quite picture it, let’s help you out: You wake up in the morning, look at your phone (alarm clock, if you’re into the classics), and wow, how is it time already? So, you drag your feet to eat breakfast / scroll a bit (or more, let’s be honest) / to the shower, and contemplate the day ahead. As you finish your routine, you hastily and frustratingly get to your commute which sometimes involves a combination of three different vehicles. You'd think you can relax/rest while sitting (or standing) through the commute but it's the same dreaded, bitin feeling. But dread not, because we found a way to help you ease through this!

If the morning hasn’t been good to you, then maybe the going home part fares better! And it definitely can because Dove and Grab have collaborated together to help you get through the ~bitin~ showers and exhausting commutes!

For a limited time only, you can receive P100 off your next Grab ride when you catch the #CompleteYourShower Dove banner in your Grab app. And you can also use the code
COMPLETEYOURSHOWER (terms and conditions apply) for a discount! Want to know how you can snag this sweet deal? Watch this video:

Pamper yourself better with Dove Body Wash, which has the added benefit of its Nutrium Moisture Technology, which penetrates up to 20 layers of skin (within the epidermis) unlike using ordinary soap. This deeply moisturizing body wash will help keep your skin smooth, soft, and healthy (with regular use)!

For more updates, follow Dove’s Facebook. You can shop Dove online via Lazada and Shopee an use voucher DOVESKIN to get additional 10% off on your next Dove Body Wash purchase. Avail Dove’s promo by downloading Grab on the App Store or Google Play store.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with DOVE.

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