This Coffee Machine, Milk Frother + Coffee Pod Set Costs Less Than P4,000

You get 40 coffee capsules to keep you awake for more than a month.
by Bea Faicol
June 05, 2023
Facebook/B Coffee Co. and Leana Vibal

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( Coffee drinkers would know the day only really starts once you've gotten your caffeine. On the more practical side of coffee consumption, setting up your own coffee station at home and stocking up on essentials can save you more money (in the long run, of course) than going on daily coffee shop runs.

For those looking for an affordable coffee capsule machine, B. Coffee Co.'s Collection Set is currently on sale. For a limited time, the local coffee capsule machine brand is slashing 15% off its regularly P4,699 price tag—it's now just P3,994!

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Check Out B. Coffee Co.'s Discounted Coffee Machine Set: 

The B. Coffee Co. Collection Set includes their Freshman Capsule Coffee Machine, which is the brand's first-ever coffee capsule machine unit that was then followed by its Sophomore and Rookie counterparts. This specific unit is more affordable than the newer models but carries out the basics. It has a 20-Bar brewing pressure, programmable cup size, fast pre-heating function, and 700-ml water capacity. Take your pick from four colorways: red, orange, white, and black

PHOTO BY Facebook/B Coffee Co.
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With the exception of water and your choice of sweetener, B. Coffee Co.'s Collection Set has just about everything you need. It has four packs of the brand's own coffee capsules, in blends of Latte, Mocha, Cappuccino, and Americano. The Collection Set has 10 capsules inside each pack, which then totals 40 B. Coffee Co. capsules that can last you more than a month—that is, if you only drink one cup of joe a day (and maybe two cups on extra stressful days).

PHOTO BY Facebook/B Coffee Co.

The Collection Set even has a handheld electric milk frother if your go-to coffee is a latte or a cappuccino. For nostalgia's sake, you can even try making Dalgona coffee again since it would be easier to froth with an electric frother compared to a fork.

Ready to checkout? Score B. Coffee Co.'s Collection Set at a discounted price of P3,994 on Lazada.

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