10 Shops That Breathe New Life Into Used Fabrics

We round up stylish pieces made with repurposed material.
by Louise Lizan
January 07, 2023
Ara Pilak, Project PH

(SPOT.ph) Flour sacks. You usually see them in markets; very likely that you'd (discreetly) slap them silly as they sit in stacks. For most, these sacks are nothing more than containers, and once emptied, mean next to nothing—straight into the waste basket. But it doesn't end there. The luckier of these fabrics are turned into something more beautiful, purposeful—say, like cool clothing pieces. Yep, even the old, used, damaged, unwanted (the list goes on) and discarded—not an attack, we promise—fabric and materials are given new life through repurposing and upcycling. And if you've been looking for shops that fall under the slower, more sustainable, category of things, then we've got you. We round up a few brands from which you can cop the cutest pieces, all made with repurposed materials. 

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Here are 10 online shops in Manila that sells repurposed or upcycled clothes:


Nin and Yang

PHOTO BY Nin and Yang

You've probably already copped the cute, three-layered ruffled top from none other than Nin and Yang that we put in the spotlight before. Trust us, that's not the only retaso clothing to cop from this shop. Just take a look at this multi-way Mariposa Skort (P1,250) in Midnight which features an asymmetrical silhouette with pockets on the front. Depending on your mood, you could switch up the style courtesy of the reversible flap. Plus, it's a skort. Do we need to say more? Their wide range of stylish clothes and accessories that can easily make you stand out.

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For more information, visit Nin and Yang's website.

And Again Clothing

PHOTO BY And Again

Who knew flour sacks would make great clothes? And Again Clothing definitely does. We found this stylish Soriano Kimono (P2,850) that is, as most of their clothing are, repurposed from flour sacks. We say throw this bright kimono over a basic dress or shirt and jeans and you've got a statement already made. There's also a shorter version available in their shop, as well as a wide collection of tops, bottoms, and other apparel and accessories.


For more information, visit And Again Clothing's Instagram page.

Side B Upcycling

PHOTO BY Side B Upcycling

On another point along the clothing spectrum, Side B Upcycling has more bags, pouches, and other stylish carriers—all made of upcycled materials such as old and used tarpaulins. Best part? That makes their products all the more durable and water resistant. Their big backpacks like the Quazi (P3,200), to be more specific, are exactly what we need for light rains and beach trips in a tropical country like the Philippines.


For more information, check out Side B Upcycling's Facebook page.

Pro.ject PH


Here's a stylish hack: jumpsuits can save a lazy girl's day. You probably have a few of those in your closet next to your dresses (with pockets, of course) and co-ords. If you're looking for a great new addition to your clothing lifesavers, we have a suggestion: Pro.ject PH's Summit Jumpsuit Overalls (P1,500). You can get it in plain katsa or in the sacks' original designs and sleeve lengths. Whatever you choose, style and ease of wear is guaranteed.


For more information, visit Project PH's Instagram page.


PHOTO BY Rags2Riches

Rags2Riches, or R2R for short, uses upcycled, overstock, and indigenous fabric for their items. This four-way top (P2,500) is just one of the pieces that caught our eye. It's included in R2R's new clothing line that "celebrates repeating clothes, mixing and matching what you have, keeping a high impact wardrobe as low impact as possible." That said, you can wear this piece in four different ways, mix and match it courtesy of the plain Japanese- and local-style fabric that makes two halves of a reversible top. Use it as a vest, too.


For more information, check out R2R's website.

Riotaso Clothing

PHOTO BY Riotaso Clothing

Making a statement, you say? Look no further than Riotaso Clothing's array of "fun"-ky and stylish patchwork and colorblocking. What caught our attention are the Cozy Sets, a fun combination of bright orange and green colors stitched to make the perfectly joyous ensemble. And as the name suggests, it guarantees you not just style but comfort and ease of wear. Plus if you're not quite ready to commit to both just yet, you can buy the pieces separately.


For more information, check out Riotaso Clothing's Instagram page.

Ara Pilak

PHOTO BY Ara Pilak

The Mariang Baro (P490) from Ara Pilak features an upcycled sack made into a stylish crop top reminiscent of the baro in baro't saya—as in a traditional Filipiniana attire—with the sleeves and buttons at the back. You can also get and pair this with either a saya (P450) or a pair of shorts called Teodora (P490). Ara Pilak has a wide range of tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits and accessories such as masks, bags, bucket hats of the same kind as well as menstrual cups and bamboo products.


For more information, check out Ara Pilak's Instagram page.

Craftcha PH

PHOTO BY Craftcha PH

From tops, bottoms, dresses to accessories like bags, masks and more household goods, everyday items—local brand Craftcha has it, and they're all made of used and upcycled materials (katsa cloth, scrap cloth, old jeans). You'd also be glad to know that their sustainable clothing pieces are affordable, like these pretty dasters Tala, Hanan, and Mayari (P850) we spotted on their catalog that you could totally wear while lounging around the house. 


For more information, check out Craftcha PH's Instagram page.

Happy Hue

PHOTO BY Happy Hue

Love bucket hats? You can find an upcycled one on online shop Happy Hue. The hats, which comes with a strap, are made from used flour sacks-slash-katsa fabric in various designs, some of which feature the reused fabrics' original prints (Prices start at P360). Use these to either shield yourself from the scorching heat during the summer, drizzles during the rainy season, or well, whenever you feel like it. It's sure to add a pop to any outfit. 


For more information, check out Happy Hue's Instagram page.

Candid Clothing

PHOTO BY Candid Clothing

There's a wide range of budget-friendly and sustainable pieces in Candid Clothing, not to mention many multi-way and reversible basics you could stock up your wardrobe with—tops, bottoms, sets, dresses all made of deadstock fabric. We spotted this versatile 4-in-1 Shift dress (with pockets!) for P990 and this "business in the front, party in the back" multi-way top for a whopping P390.


For more information, check out Candid Clothing's website.