Tried and Tested: Shopee Stores With Legit Plus-Size Dresses

Every body deserves to look and feel great in the clothes they choose to wear.
by the team
June 03, 2023
Bea Faicol

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( We understand that Asian sizes typically run smaller compared to American sizes, but when are we going to stop being so damn unrealistic about it? We all know at least one person who does not fit the socially-accepted image of a woman with curves and an hourglass figure. 

We don't want to discredit the significant steps forward of certain stores in producing size-inclusive pieces, be it locally made or not. But it just needs to be aired: It's incredibly frustrating to find a clothing item that you like and find out that it doesn’t come in your size. You're left with no choice but to put it back in the rack or remove it from your shopping cart, then move on from the thought that it would have looked great on you, curves and all. 


To lighten that burden of shopping, we've listed below five Shopee plus size dresses we've personally bought from and liked—to the point of probably using them almost every week like a uniform.

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Here are five Shopee plus size dresses you can add to your cart now:


PHOTO BY Shopee and Bea Faicol
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On photo: ZANZEA Women Korean Style V-Neck Sleeveless Adjusting Buckle Solid Dress
Shopee Shop: ZANZEA Official Shop

For those who have tried shopping for plus-size dresses from Shopee before the pandemic and until now, you're truly missing out if you haven't seen Zanzea's stores. Most of their dresses, blouses, pants, and skirts can have a size range from small to 5XL. The specific measurements do change per item, and what's great about Zanzea is that they have a specific size guide per item that is added to the photo selection/gallery of each item. From the uncountable times we've shopped from their store, we can say it's one of the most accurate sizing guides we've ever come across.

Another reason why we like shopping at Zanzea is that the style range is pretty diverse and inclusive. It ranges from casual pieces, work attire, special events that require gowns, and even fashion items considered appropriate for those that practice Islam.


Tayo Studio

PHOTO BY Shopee and Bea Faicol

On photo: Tayo Studio Pamela Midi Dress Classics
Shopee Shop: Tayo Studio

Tayo Studio is a local store that mostly sells the prettiest frilly summer dresses in solid colors you've ever laid eyes on. Seen in the photo is their Pamela Midi Dress in Green (close to Forest Green, specifically), that's available from XS to 6XL sizes. It's supposed to fall a little above the ankles, but if you're small, then the hem will most likely touch your ankles turning it into a maxi dress. 


They also have back-to-office-friendly pieces that are not too flashy, but still stylish. Their co-ords are one of the most bought items from their Shopee store.

Bizarre Dresser

PHOTO BY Shopee and Bea Faicol

On photo: Fits 2XL-3XL Lorelei Dress (PLUS SIZE), currently sold out
Shopee Shop: Bizarre Dresser Shopee

Were you obsessed with Lucy of Peanuts when you were younger? (G.M.G., Gen Zs!) We can't be too sure, but maybe that's the reason why we're crabby millennials with a R.B.F. If Lucy affected our current life as adults, we thought why not look the part too, right? So yeah, that's the reason why this cerulean blue was a no-brainer for an instant check-out and why Bizarre Dresser was an instant follow.


Michi's Collection PH

PHOTO BY Shopee and Bea Faicol

On photo: MAXINE PLUS SIZE MAXI DRESS BEST FITS (XL-5XL), currently sold out
Shopee Shop: Michi's Collection PH

For pieces that are more vibrant in colors and lighter in weight, Mich's Collection checks those two boxes. Most of their pieces come in candy colors of sky blue, orange, hot pink, orange, magenta, and, as seen on the photo, green. (Obviously, a favorite color).


Michi's Collection PH has the cutest and most affordable co-ords and dresses, but the downside here is that their plus size comes in one size and it covers 2XL to 5XL. If your sizes are smaller than 4XL, then chances are the pieces will be too big for you. Our hack there is to have it tailor-fit to you, which is what happened in the photo on the right. It's tighter in the chest area and the back area.

PDM Women's Apparel

PHOTO BY Shopee and Bea Faicol

On photo: No longer on the Shopee store.
Shopee Shop: PDM Women's Apparel

During the height of the pandemic, also known as the time when all you ever did to pass the time being quarantined at home was to watch Korean dramas and K-Pop, you very likely also wanted the same styles or the same colors you saw on your fave idols in your wardrobe. PDM Women's Apparel's dresses do have nice silhouettes but are available in bigger sizes. The biggest size commonly goes up to 4XL but there are a few pieces that are 5XL.

Just in case you need a reminder: Don't make the same mistake of not knowing your actual waist, hips, and chest measurements. In this case, as seen in the photo above, the dress was pretty but it was also too big from the chest down.

BONUS: Exztra Plus Size Clothing

PHOTO BY Shopee and Bea Faicol

On photo: Plus Size Katie Mini Dress, currently sold out
Shopee shop: Exztra Plus Size Clothing

Surprise, surprise. Another green piece in this list. It's the last, we promise.

This time, it's from Exztra Plus Size Clothing and we're adding this sixth store as a bonus because Exztra Plus Size Clothing is more online on Instagram and not Shopee. The seller holds Instagram Lives to model and sell the pieces for a more affordable price compared to when they sell them on Shopee. Yes, this is "mine, sis" basis.

Whatever they sell on Shopee are those remaining from the Instagram Live selling. So if you want to get first dibs, you need to follow Exztra Plus Size Clothing on Instagram and turn on your notifications.

Links are updated regularly and as much as possible but note that products can run out of stock, discounts can expire and listed prices can change without prior notice.


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