This New Store Touts the Largest Collection of Strength Training Equipment in the PH

You can also book the place for an exercise sesh.
by Bea Faicol
June 04, 2023
Bea Faicol

( Raise your toned arm if you were new to gym life during the pandemic! Who knew that it would take a global pandemic to let you stick to a workout routine? It's been years since then and there's nothing that beats seeing how your body has improved and beating your personal records.

If you were inspired by Hidilyn Diaz's Olympic win and you've started focusing more on strength training movements, i.e. squats, bench presses, and deadlifts, then you might want to invest in weightlifting and powerlifting essentials you can buy for your home gym. Buhat Buhat Basement by TheRack Co. recently opened shop and it houses what they tout as the largest collection of strength training equipment in the country, bar none (pun intended).

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Here's a look inside Buhat Buhat Basement, your one-stop shop for powerlifting needs:

PHOTO BY Bea Faicol

Buhat Buhat Basement is a semi-hidden one-stop shop for all things powerlifting and weightlifting. Located in the same compound as Sparta in Mandaluyong  City, Buhat Buhat Basement is where you can physically shop for the equipment you need to start or upgrade your home gym.

The space houses internationally-recognized and competition-ready equipment such as Eleiko, Kabuki Strength, and Concept2

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PHOTO BY Bea Faicol

Eleiko is a Swedish brand that prides itself on weightlifting, powerlifting, and conditioning products. Buhat Buhat Basement's bestselling Eleiko items are the Energy T-Shirt (P1,935), EVA Lifting Belt, 2021 edition (P2,947, originally P4,210), Pulling Straps (P1,060), Compression Socks (P1,315), IPF Powerlifting Competition Plates (price ranges from P1,552 to P107,925), and the Competition Kettlebells 2021 edition (price ranges from P5,744 to P9,936).

PHOTO BY Bea Faicol

Based on the TheRack.Co website, the most-bought Kabuki Strength items are their Iron Plates (price ranges from P1,890 to P16,130) and interestingly enough, the Whiskey & Deadlifts Scented Ammonia (P1,440) which is a salt with a potent aroma meant to stimulate alertness and wake the body, and then there's the embroidered Anti-Fragile Old School Cap (P2,400) which is a simple black cap with a plastic buckle and a nylon strap closure.

PHOTO BY Bea Faicol

As for Concept2, the American brand is known for its rowing machines. The most popular Concept2 rowing machine model Buhat Buhat Basement carries is the Rowerg Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Monitor (P103,060), which is ideal for low-impact stress to high-intensity workouts. Customers usually buy this along with the Concept2 Indoor Rower Floor Mat (P7,885) and Concept2 Indoor Rower Cover (P7,645).


Although all of these are on the pricier side because of their higher, more premium quality, Buhat Buhat Basement also has other products that are both more beginner-friendly and budget-friendly. TheRack.Co has its own line of products that are more wallet-friendly. From what we've seen so far, the basics they have don't cost more than a thousand pesos. 

PHOTO BY Bea Faicol

The brand's Wrist Wraps (price ranges from P595 to P650) that comes in four different colorways and two lengths, Nylon Lifting Straps (P515), Quick-Release Barbell Lock Collar Clamps (P650), Deadlift Wedges (P680), and Barbell Squat and Hip Thrusts Pad with Clamping Straps (P705). 

Sure, TheRackCo.'s website is convenient for online shopping, but if you are a neophyte and don't know much about a certain brand's quality, Buhat Buhat Basement is, to put it simply, where you physically feel the items and test them before shelling out. 

Buhat Buhat Basement is also a place that you can book, strictly by appointment, if you want to do the heavy lifting alone or along with your gym buddies and cheerleaders. What's great about the place is that it can support the weight plates, so no one will judge you here for dropping the barbells on the floor (loudly). 

TheRack.Co’s Buhat Buhat Basement is at Level A, Space 1 FMF Business Center, 126 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City. The store is open from Mondays to Fridays, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.


For more information, check out TheRack.Ph's Facebook page.

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