25 Dads Tell Us What Gift They Actually Want to Receive on Father’s Day

Specific recommendations coming right up.
by Micah Avry Guiao
June 10, 2023
Warren Espejo

(SPOT.ph) Father's Day brings with it a familiar challenge: finding the perfect gift (or just any gift for that matter). It's a task that often leaves us scratching our heads as we navigate the elusive interests and minimalist desires of the father figures in our lives—but it’s not impossible.

Spending quality time with them via a nice meal on the day is always a good bet, but sometimes we just want to give a traditional gift, something tangible to hand over. The good news is that there is still little over a week left to make a thoughtful purchase.

Although it’s easy to look up gift ideas on the internet, it’s worth taking into account what Filipino dads are actually into. This is why SPOT.ph went on a mission to figure out a question that has been plaguing our minds since we were born as our father’s sons and daughters: What would dad like to receive on Father’s Day?


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25 Father’s Day gifts that Filipino dads would actually love to receive on this special occasion 

In searching for answers, we found that some dads are choosier than others, which is why some listed items have specific brand recommendations. Age is also included in the list below to give you a better grasp at what dads like at a certain period in their life.

Golf balls – 57-year-old 

PHOTO BY Titleist
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Golf balls are perfect for dads who consider the sport their a favorite pastime. Opt for high-quality golf balls from reputable brands like Titleist, Callaway, or TaylorMade. Consider selecting golf balls that align with your dad's skill level and preferences, such as distance balls for maximum length or soft feel balls for enhanced control.

Watch – 55-year-old

Got a stylish dad? A watch is a timeless gift that can immediately elevate his look. Dads we talked to mentioned brands like Omega, Seiko, and Rolex for well-chosen watches. Pay attention to features such as the type of movement (quartz or automatic) and water resistance to find a well-chosen watch.

Massage treatment – 53-year-old

Dads need some relaxation and rejuvenation, too. Consider gifting a massage treatment at a reputable spa or wellness center. Look for packages that offer specialized treatments for men with a combination of therapeutic and deep tissue massages to relieve muscle tension.


Anti-RFID wallet – 30-year-old

PHOTO BY Normest

With identity theft and electronic pickpocketing on the rise, give him peace of mind this Father’s Day with an anti-RFID wallet. Wallets with RFID-blocking technology act as a shield for credit cards from unauthorized scanning. Multiple brands offer functional options with multiple card slots, a slim design, and a RFID-blocking fabric.


Toolbox – 55-year-old

PHOTO BY Stanley

A toolbox is a versatile gift for dads who enjoy DIY projects and handyman tasks. Look for a sturdy toolbox made of durable materials like metal or heavy-duty plastic, with ample storage space and compartments to keep tools organized, like the Stanley toolkit.

Motor helmet – 45-year-old


For motorcycle-riding dads, a high-quality motorcycle helmet is an essential gift. Look for helmets that prioritize safety with legitimate certifications. Try to choose a helmet that matches his style and preferences, too, whether it's a sleek full-face helmet, a versatile modular helmet, or a retro-inspired open-face helmet.

Sportswear – 60-year-old

Sportswear is perfect for dads who enjoy sports and fitness activities. Things like moisture-wicking t-shirts, breathable shorts or pants, and comfortable running shoes can allow him move with ease and boost his confidence. You can never go wrong with reputable brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, or Puma.

Bluetooth earphones – 62-year-old

PHOTO BY Digital Walker

Bluetooth earphones are a fantastic gift for dads who enjoy listening to music, podcasts, or taking calls without the hassle of tangled wires. Look for ones with features such as noise cancellation, long battery life, and easy pairing with multiple devices from brands like Apple, Sony, or Jabra.

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Smartwatch – 47-year-old

PHOTO BY Amazfit

This one’s for the tech-savvy dads. A smartwatch is a trendy and functional gift to let him stay connected on the go. Consider popular options like the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch. Look for a smartwatch that is compatible with your dad's smartphone operating system, has a user-friendly interface, and offers a comfortable fit.

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Buffet gift certificate – 43-year-old

We did say eating out is a tap-out answer, but gift certificates are our favorite loophole. Dads who enjoy indulging in a variety of cuisines will love a gift certificate to his favorite buffet. There’s Spiral, Café Ilang-Ilang, and Dad’s World Buffet, to name a few. You also get to spend quality time with him.

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Mecha anime merchandise – 47-year-old


Anime merchandise is a fantastic gift for dads who are fans of older mecha anime series like Voltes V, Gundam, or Mazinger Z. Look for model kits, action figures, or posters showcasing epic mecha battles. Let him relive his excitement for the mecha genre through collectibles and memorabilia.

Gas voucher – 42-year-old

Vouchers are a great way to gift money with a little more thoughtfulness put in. Gas vouchers are a budget-friendly gift for dads who spend a lot of time on the road. Help him with the financial burden of fuel expenses. It’s convenient and it saves him some money in the process.

Gaming TV – 45-year-old

PHOTO BY Samsung

No gamer can say no to low input lag, high refresh rates, and vibrant colors. Consider brands like LG, Samsung, or Sony that offer gaming-focused TVs with technologies like HDMI 2.1, variable refresh rate, and HDR support. Enhance his visual clarity, responsiveness, and overall enjoyment for a more immersive gameplay.

Whiskey – 56-year-old

Whiskey is an indulgent gift for dads who appreciate fine spirits. Single malt, bourbon, or blended whiskey—whatever the flavor, look for reputable brands known for craftsmanship like Glenfiddich, Macallan, or Maker's Mark. Alternatively, a sophisticated flash is a more budget-friendly option.

Bike parts – 58-year-old

PHOTO BY Rockbros

You’ll need to identify what specific bike model he has like road biking or mountain biking to buy the right parts. Popular options include upgrading components like the pedals, saddle, handlebars, or even adding accessories like a bike computer or a bike rack.

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Cologne – 60-year-old

PHOTO BY Jo Malone

Cologne is a classic. Look for colognes from reputable brands known for longevity, such as Dior, Chanel, or Tom Ford. In this case, the dad wanted a Jo Malone cologne. You can also opt for gift sets that include additional grooming products like aftershave or shower gel for a complete fragrance experience.

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Anything from Nike – 55-year-old


Nike is a great choice for active and fashion-conscious dads. You can choose from a wide range of athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories—make sure to pick something that will align with his style and activities.

Cookbook – 76-year-old

Who doesn’t love a dad who can cook? Encourage him to expand his home menu with a cookbook. Pick ones that have clear instructions, new recipes, and mouthwatering food photography. You can also opt for themed cookbooks, such as BBQ or vegetarian recipes depending on his choice of diet.

Family tree – 53-year-old

This one is more sentimental than the rest. dads who are big on families might appreciate seeing a visual representation of his bloodline. You can try online websites like Ancestry, FamilySearch, and even the National Library of the Philippines. Genealogy experts can also advise at a cost.

Swiss knife – 53-year-old

PHOTO BY Victorinox

A Swiss knife is one of the most classic Father’s Day gifts for a reason. This compact and multifunctional tool is fit for everyday needs Look for a genuine Swiss Army Knife that is complete with blades, screwdrivers, scissors, can opener, and corkscrew.

PlayStation 5 – 40-year-old

Have a high-ceiling for a budget? The PlayStation 5 (PS5) might be the gift to go with. PS5 offers cutting-edge gaming performance, stunning graphics, and a vast library of games to choose from. Give him the next-level gaming experience that every man dreams of.

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Coffee voucher – 44-year-old

Coffee vouchers are for the hardworking dads in our lives. Buy vouchers from his favorite coffee chain shops so he can treat himself at any day of the week. Make sure the value of the voucher is based on the average cost of a coffee at the chosen coffee shop to ensure that he can enjoy multiple visits.


Vinyl – 57-year-old


Vinyl records make a nostalgic gift for dads who appreciate the warm and authentic sound of analog music. Look for vinyl records from your dad's favorite artists, bands, or genres. Give him the gift of joy in his rediscovering of his favorite songs through a vinyl spinning on a turntable.


Crocs – 65-year-old


Crocs slides are a comfortable footwear option that are easy to slip on and off. The relaxed fit and cushioned footbed makes it perfect for casual outings or lounging at home. Consider features like adjustable straps or enhanced arch support when purchasing.

Car tools – 57-year-old


Car tools are a popular choice among dads who are into motor vehicles. Consider gifting a high-quality toolset from trusted brands like Craftsman or Snap-on, as both offer a wide range of tools for automotive maintenance and repairs. It's a practical gift that allows dads to tackle DIY projects and keep cars in top condition.

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