Top 10 Places for Brow Threading in Manila

These places will take care of your arches.
by the team
March 01, 2020

( We’ll let you in on a not-so-secret secret: One way you can look like a decent human being without having to put on a full face of makeup on a daily basis is by making sure your brows are on-point no matter what. It’s important to find the perfect shape because they’re your face-framers. So, if you only have five minutes to do your makeup, spend it making sure that your arches are clean, filled, and perfect because otherwise, your efforts will be wasted. To make your life easier, we recommend having your brows regularly shaped and threaded by an expert. Don’t know where to go? We tried the best brow studios in the Metro for brow threading and ranked them based on ambience, comfort, quality of service, and value for money.


Here are the best places for brow threading in Manila, ranked:

10. LayBare


How much to shell out: Eyebrow Threading, P228

The lowdown: “This shop is probably one of the first waxing bars I remember popping up around the Metro, and they now have quite a lot of branches. I went to the one along Maginhawa street in Teachers Village, Quezon City. It's a bit bigger than the usual branches and, since I went at a non-peak hour, I felt confident I didn't need to book an appointment. I made the right call as there was an attendant right away who led me to my cube and let me settle down.

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“The beds in Lay Bare have this funny habit of always being too short, but that was okay. I told the technician that all I needed was a cleaning and she set straight to work. It's usually a hit or miss for me when it comes to having my brows done at LayBare—especially since I haven't found my go-to technician just yet. The threading itself was okay and the technician worked a bit slowly but meticulously with the threading. At the end, she put a cooling cream on to help with the redness and I was on my way. All in all, the service you get may depend on which LayBare branch you go to, but at the very least, they get plus points for being super accessible!” — Mia 

The verdict: If you’ve got a last-minute event and your brows need some grooming, you can count on LayBare to give your arches a quick fix. They’re very accessible and you’ll be sure you’ll walk out with picture-perfect brows every time thanks to their expert technicians. 


9. The Brow Studio

PHOTO BY ysab yuzon

How much to shell out: Brow Clean Up Express (P228)

The lowdown: “I have naturally thick brows and I’ve never had my brows professionally done (whether it's plucking, waxing, or threading!). For the longest time I’ve relied on a combo of shaving and plucking myself, which works for the most part, but it has left my brows uneven. So I was looking forward to seeing how a pro eyebrow place would assess my situation.


“It was recommended that I go for the cleaning service, which is a combination of threading and tweezing to clean the existing eyebrow shape. To be honest, there wasn’t much of a noticeable change after the threading procedure, aside from them taking out a lot of hairs from between my brows—but I think the reason they didn’t thread as much off is that they’re looking to reshape it in the future, and there currently aren’t enough existing hairs to do that, so they’re deliberately trying to grow it out. They also applied a something cold to my brows after for the redness. 

“They recommended that I go back there for a follow-up session after three weeks—which I probably will, considering it’s affordable and quick. Other than that, I didn’t have high expectations since it was pretty cheap, so I think it’s understandable that they don’t have particularly stunning interiors or high-tech equipment.” — Trish


The verdict: If you’re looking to improve the look of your brows and are willing to go back a few times to achieve that, you can leave it up to Brow Studio’s skilled technicians. Whether you have sparse areas or an uneven shape, they’ll know what to do to fix that. They have multiple branches around the Metro, so it’ll be easy to find one near you. 

8. Hey Sugar

PHOTO BY hey sugar

How much to shell out: Organic Eyebrow Shaping (P160)

The lowdown: “I couldn't book an appointment ahead, but decided to drop by anyway and was prepared to wait. They told me to come back some time later, and they texted me when a specialist would be free to do the Organic Eyebrow Shaping for me. 

“Most eyebrow places are well-lit with nice interiors, and Hey Sugar! is no different. I found it cute that their menu and their entire studio was sweets-themed. They only have one chair for threading so I suppose this could be a problem if there are a lot of people lined up for just brow threading. It's also exposed to other clients, so I wasn't too comfortable letting a few tears out.

“My specialist was nice and made sure to get it right, which I appreciate. For P160, it's definitely a quick fix for messy or bushy brows. I'd recommend booking an appointment in advance if you've got no time to spare and you really need to get your brows done.” — Clara 


The verdict: For a studio that looks sweet enough to eat and cute enough to 'gram, you’d expect that their rates would be a bit higher—but we’re not complaining. Hey Sugar is a great option for those who need a quick brow fix and are on a tight budget, though we recommended booking ahead of time to make sure you’re accommodated right away.

7. Ooh La Lash 

PHOTO BY Jamie Sanchez

How much to shell out: Organic Brow Threading (P230)

The lowdown: “I went to Ooh La Lash as soon as the mall opened, so I was pretty much their first customer for the day. I was immediately accommodated by the brow technician even without an appointment. She asked me to fill out a form that had questions about my health condition and was led to one of their comfy (and super cute!) beds—which was a bonus, because the brow studios I’m familiar with only make use of reclining chairs.

“Though there were no private rooms, I was still able to have some privacy when the technician drew the curtains. I told her that I was a bit worried because my last brow threading traumatized me because of the pain, but she promised to go easy on me—and she really did! She paused once in a while to ask if I was still okay. She also wiped my tears patiently (yes, I teared up multiple times because I am a baby) and asked every time if she could continue.


“I was out in 20 minutes, which is pretty quick considering the number of times the technician had to pause. I was pleased with the results, considering I didn’t really brief her on how I wanted the brows to look. She just based it on how I filled my brows that morning and cleaned up around it. Since the skin around my brows turned a bit red, I asked if they usually apply a cooling cream after threading and sadly, they don’t. But apart from that (and the pain that came with every strand of hair being plucked out from my skin), I was satisfied with the service and would definitely come back when my brows start to grow.” – Jamie

The verdict: If you’re dreading the pain that comes with threading, Ooh La Lash will make you forget all about it thanks to their dainty interiors that’ll make you feel right at home. They have comfy beds where they do all their treatments, and for those with higher pain tolerance, getting threaded is more relaxing than stressful. For its price point, you’ll get a set of freshly groomed brows and quality service that’ll make you want to come back for more.


6. Browhaus

PHOTO BY browhaus

How much to shell out: Classic Threading (P698)

The lowdown: “I thought it would be possible to just walk in and have my brows threaded right away, considering the place didn't look packed from the outside, but I was proven wrong after dropping by one weekday afternoon. So upon the advice of the receptionist, I set up an appointment via phone and was able to secure an after-work slot the following day.


“I arrived on the dot and I was quickly accommodated; in a few minutes I was led to one of their reclining chairs for the service. While the brow technician seemed friendly, she didn't ask me what shape I wanted, though she was agreeable when I explained what I had in mind. A couple of minutes into threading my brows, she talked about their Brow Resurrection service, to which I respectfully expressed disinterest. From there, it was quiet, quick, and almost painless threading. They used some sort of special thread; the glide of the thread on my face was very  smooth.

“After shortly cleaning up stray strands with a tweezer, I was good to go, and there were no after-care instructions. The whole experience was fuss-free, which is perfect for those who barely have time for these things, though I noticed a couple of stray strands left when I got home. I have barely there brows, so threading helps in making them just a bit more prominent even without brow product. I like how the shape of my brows turned out but given the price point, it's something that I would try to maintain myself.” — MM 


The verdict: Browhaus’ threading service is close to painless—which is a major plus for those who have a low pain tolerance and swear to never get threaded again. Plus, the service is pretty quick, which is good for those who are in a hurry. We recommend calling them up for an appointment if you want to be accommodated right away. While their rates are on the expensive side, you’ll immediately understand why, thanks to the thread they use for the service. 

5. Brow Lounge 

PHOTO BY brow lounge

How much to shell out: Brow Tidy (P180)

The lowdown: “I booked an appointment about an hour before, and I was really glad they were able to accommodate me even though the mall was closing soon. The staff were nice and accommodating and the place was bright. Bonus points for having enough chairs because there were still plenty of clients at that time.

“After confirming my appointment for Brow Lounge’s Brow Tidy service, I was led to a chair near the receptionist's table and my specialist got to threading my brows right away. She did one first and asked me if the shape was all right. I told her that my brows don't grow even, and she threaded accordingly. Though she already did a good job, she made sure to show me and ask me again so that she's sure I liked the service.

“I was done in about 10 minutes, which is good because I was also eager to go home. For P180, the quality of service and amount of time to get it done makes it worth it. I would go back, although I would like a little more privacy. Sometimes it hurts, and I would like some privacy when I tear up!” — Clara


The verdict: Brow Lounge’s competitive price points and expertise in brow grooming makes them an easy choice for people who are looking to get their arches fixed. Not to mention, they’re situated in some of Metro Manila’s busiest malls, so if you’re running an errand or doing some shopping and realize it’s about time to get your brows groomed, you can easily drop by and get them done. Plus, you’ll be out in a snap, which is great if you’re in a rush.

4. Lash Wishes

PHOTO BY anya ong

How much to shell out: Brow Threading (P150)

The lowdown: “I usually rely on makeup artists to clean my brows, and this doesn't come too often. I would remember to pluck stray hairs every now and then, but generally I don't do a great job at keeping my brows clean. The last time I had my brows threaded was probably five years ago or more.

I called up Lash Wishes’ Glorietta 4 branch at 11 a.m. on a Sunday and asked for a 4 p.m. appointment. I was surprised that I was still accommodated since whenever I'd pass by their store, it's always full, and considering that it's a Sunday, I was afraid that they get their slots filled in faster than usual. The staff asked if I wanted shaping or cleaning, and I availed of the latter since I was okay with my brow shape anyway.

“I arrived at the shop 15 minutes before my appointment, but I was accommodated immediately since there was an available bed. The receptionist asked for a few details for my record and re-confirmed that I was there for cleaning, then I was asked to proceed to my bed for the service. 


“Even if my right eye got watery, the pain was generally tolerable. The technician mentioned that my brows look like they've been left alone for more than three weeks, which is why the service was a bit more painful than usual. After threading, the technician trimmed the strands along the ends of my brows.

“The whole service lasted for 15 minutes, and I was advised not to wet my brows for four hours. The technician then held up a mirror so I can check my brows, and I was very happy with the result! I was able to keep my brow shape and it wasn't over plucked. I would definitely go back if I needed threading since it's just P150 and the service was really good.” — Anya

The verdict: If you want a very thorough grooming sesh for your brows that’s quick and wallet-friendly, you won’t go wrong with Lash Wishes. While they’re known for their eyelash extensions, they do a mean job cleaning up arches and making them perfect every time. Plus, it’ll be easy to get threaded on a regular basis considering its price point—and they’re got branches all around the Metro, so you’re sure to find one that’s accessible to you.


3. Browlab

PHOTO BY michiko manalang

How much to shell out: Quick Clean – Brows (P189)

The lowdown: “When Browlab says quick, they mean it. But they’re also not super callous about the job—their aestheticians understand everyone’s preferences and needs are different, and are willing to get super specific with you if, for example, you say that you’re growing a certain part of your brow out. (I have a little dip where my left one is supposed to arch, and it looks a little crazy when I don’t brush it out.) For this service, you don’t have to walk into a room and lie on a table—the reclining salon chairs are enough, and that’s part of the efficiency I appreciated. Others might want privacy, but for me, this was okay.


“The staff are friendly, attentive, and efficient. If you just need some speedy maintenance, Browlab is a good option. They even offered me a drink after my service! Plus, if you watch for promos, you’ll get an incredible deal. When I walked in I had no idea that February meant I’d only have to pay P115 instead of the usual P189—color me lucky!” — Michiko

The verdict: Browlab goes out of their way to make your experience a good one, even if you'll be in and out of there studio quickly. For their rates, you'll get what you pay for—an quick, efficient system and fresh arches groomed to your liking. The free drink is a nice touch, too.

2. Waxbar

PHOTO BY waxbar

How much to shell out: Eyebrow Shaping (P120)

The lowdown: “It might be a bit hard to find Waxbar Malingap the first time you go—it's on the second floor of the building where Pino restaurant is—but the clean and minimalist interiors are a nice welcome worth coming back to. When I got there, the receptionist asked me to fill out the standard form. Then, she assigned a brow technician to me who then led me to a clean and sparse cube that had a comfortable bed and all the usual equipment. I didn't call to make an appointment beforehand, but it was dead time anyway. 

“My attendant's name was Diane, who was very warm. She let me settle in first before getting to work on threading my brows. I explained that all I needed was a cleaning. Surprisingly she worked very fast and with as little pain as possible but even so, the end product I got was very clean and well-shaped brows. She also used a bit of wax to get rid of my mono brow, which I think was a faster and way less painful method. It didn't feel at all like she was in a hurry and took time to even massage what smelled like tea tree oil on my brows after—but not before asking me to look into a mirror and seeing if I'd like to have anything else fixed (I didn't!). 


“After the cleaning, she left the cube to let me gather my things. I also settled my bill very quickly. All in all, I was in and out the Waxbar Malingap door in under 40 minutes. I was very happy with the quick fix, and the fact that the shop was very clean and felt very welcoming was a huge plus.” — Mia

The verdict: Believe us when we say that this service is pretty much a steal at P120. Considering the quality of service, Waxbar is worth going to for well-groomed brows—even if you have to travel a bit far to get to their studio. If you’re not in a rush and have some time to spare to get pristine arches, Waxbar is definitely a must-visit. 

1. Happy Brows 

PHOTO BY ashley martelino

How much to shell out: Eyebrow Thread (P160)

The lowdown: “Happy Brows is one of those salons that make for a fun and relaxing experience from the moment you enter because the interiors are so cute. I walked in with no reservation and they were able to accommodate me after about 15 minutes—the BGC branch is inside a mall, so you’ll have no problem waiting it out if ever.

The salon itself was not crowded or noisy, so I felt very comfortable. I was happy with how my brows turned out—I just got a basic thread without any special instructions and I found that they were neither under nor over-threaded. During the procedure, the service person gave me tips on caring for the skin around my brows and she did a very fast job with minimal pain. I would definitely come back, considering its wallet-friendly price.” —Ashley


The verdict: You'll feel like you and your brows are in good hands at Happy Brows, thanks to their warm staff and skillful technicians. They're also a great option for those who want to get the job done quickly and with minimal pain, not to mention the fact that they have competitive rates. Overall, in terms of ambience, comfort, quality of service, and value for money, Happy Brows hits the spot—and they get bonus points for accessibility! 

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