Here's How Pinoy Travelers Can Get to Canada Visa-Free

Canada is now visa-free, with conditions.
by Micah Avry Guiao
June 07, 2023
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( Starting June 7, travelers from the Philippines and 12 other countries will now be able to enter Canada without a visa—with some caveats. 

Those who qualify should either have held a Canadian visa in the last 10 years or currently hold a valid United States non-immigrant visa. Should you fall into one of these two categories, the Canadian government is only requiring an electronic travel authorization program for you to get in.

This visa-free air travel will allow tourists to stay in Canada for up to six months no matter the purpose.

“The Philippines considers Canada as a close partner due to its well-established people-to-people ties and looks forward to charting a new era of engagement under this new policy,” the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines wrote in a statement.

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How to get electronic travel authorization for Canada (no need for Canadian visa)


Canada will still require some form of screening for incoming travelers, of course. This will be conducted through its electronic travel authorization (eTA).

The eTA is a digital travel document that most visa-exempt travelers need in order to travel to or transit through Canada by air. The eTA will be electronically linked to a traveler's passport and is valid for up to five years or until the expiration of the passport, whichever comes first. Do take note that a new eTA will be needed in case you get a new passport.

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It will only cost $7 CAD or roughly P290 to apply for an eTA. Most applicant requests for an eTA are approved within minutes, but some can take several days to process at most. 

Excited? You can apply for an eTA right now. Here’s how:

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  1. Have your passport and credit/debit card ready.
  2. Read the help document.
  3. Use the official online form to apply. The form cannot be saved, so have your information ready.
  4. Pay for the application after completing the official form.
  5. You will receive an email about your request.

Meanwhile, those who already have a valid Canadian visa can use it to travel to Canada as usual without the need for an eTA.

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