Here’s Everything That Went Down at the Yamaha Mio Gear Playground

Bikes, ballers, and monkey bars!
May 16, 2023

Continuing its high-octane rollout of events over the summer, Yamaha Motor Philippines launched the 'Play Your Tough Campaign,' through the Mio Gear Playground at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. As the brand that truly revs your heart, Yamaha allowed riders and Y-Club members to unlock their full potential, overcome challenges, and prove their toughness, with the Mio Gear by their side.

The Mio Gear Playground was designed to reflect the qualities of the Mio Gear and Mio Gear S—and nothing better represent Pinoys who are up for any challenge and ready to play tough. A specially laid-out professional half-court gave contestants the chance to show off their skills in three-point shooting and three-on-three team play.

For those who love team play but not getting down and sweaty, a special Call of Duty: Mobile competition was set up by Omega E-Sports. Mobile gaming isn’t just MOBA and puzzle games—this was a refereed five-on-five match that was projected on the big screen, which allowed spectators to follow the action.

But if you really wanted to feel like a warrior, there was also the Spartan obstacle course, where brand ambassadors flexed their strength, speed, and endurance through a challenging structure, and where participants could try out various disciplines such as pull-up bars, monkey rings, and a plank walk that really tests your core strength!

Center of attraction (and action) was the Mio Gear, whose core strength (pun intended) is Yamaha’s all-new Blue Core technology with SMG (Smart Motor Generator), which allows a more agile and responsive riding, even with silent and quick starts. The motorcycle also has scratch protect and multi-functional features, so it can keep up with your fast-paced multi-faceted lifestyle, as well as look good as it lasts.

Beyond that, the Mio Gear really allows you to Play your Tough out with its reinforced plastic fenders, anti-slip deck, and weather-resistant synthetic leather seat. No matter how hot and sweaty the situation, it proves a sure-footed companion for the active rider.

For the more tech-inclined, the Mio Gear S has power sockets for mobile charging, LED headlights, and an electronic economy minder that optimizes your ride for maximum range. A keyless answer-back key system also helps you find your bike in a dark parking lot after late-night game sessions.

But for those who prefer to play during more regular hours, the Mio Gear Playground was an excellent opportunity to get your game on and really rev your heart.

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