5 Picks from Art In The Park 2013

It’s the little things that count! What we wish we could’ve bought at Art In The Park 2013

(SPOT.ph) This year’s Art In The Park was so exciting, even the stormclouds came to join in the fun. The rain did nothing to dampen the spirit of the gathering and art patrons got down and dirty with the art. SPOT.ph took a leisurely stroll in the mud and we’ll share five things we saw that some of you might’ve missed.


1. Chopping board art by Jazel Kristin

It’s hard not to turn your head as you pass by Jazel Kristin’s art on chopping boards and this one with a pig on a pyramid of...erm, an assortment of items. These pieces have been previously featured in Blanc (2012) and in CASA San Miguel (2013).


2. Fiberglass faces from Neo-Angono Artist Collective

This huge face, and its cousins, was one of the most eye-catching pieces in the little art affair at the park, if only for its size. It’s also kind of hard not to look at something that has enough eyes to look at you from all directions.


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3. Decorated pigs from t.art

Disclaimer: A SPOT.ph staff is a obsessed with pigs. It was excruciatingly hard to resist purchasing these little lovelies.


4. Tribute canvas bags from Young Artists’ Studio

Shirts, bags, and jewelry were once again a hit this year. The necklaces and pouches at Galerie Artes had a lot of fans but when we saw this Un Chien Andalou bag hanging on a rack at the Young Artists’ Studio, we were immediately enamoured.




5. Minimalist inking on canvas from Contemporary Cebu

There were, to state the blatantly obvious, a lot of paintings on display at Jaime Velasquez Park last Saturday but the minimalist pieces from Contemporary Cebu stood out. It’s striking in its simplicity, or maybe we’re just suckers for high contrast. These pieces were previously shown at the Cebu City Museum (2012).



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