Promdi Projects will show you who the promdi really is



( Promdi, short for "from the province," is often used as a derogatory term for people living outside Metro Manila. The term might suggest images of the stereotypical young man who's bewildered by the many skyscrapers he sees upon arriving in the city, the young woman who rides the LRT for the first time and gets excited, or the lolo who has his tampipi in tow.


The Promdi Project appropriates this connotation and turns it into an opportunity to educate Manileños with the Negrenses’ cultural knowledge. It is a survey of contemporary art practices in Dumaguete and surrounding areas. Featured artworks include creations by artists and collectives such as Alma Zosan Alcoran, Hersley-Ven Casero, Elle Divine, W. Don Flores, Ramsid Labe, Irma Lacorte, Lumago Designs, Jana Jumalon-Alano, Pisong La Libertad Women Livelihood, Ramon del Prado, Sharon Rose Dadang Rafols, Razcel Jan Salvarita, and Kitty Taniguchi.


By using the artist-as-teacher persona, Promdi Project showcases widespread art practices in Negros. It presents art techniques that range from those learned through informal training or from schools like the Foundation University in Dumaguete City. The exhibition also gives critiques on academic institutions such as the interactive installation by W. Don Flores, an art studies professor at Silliman University. His "School Forms" consist of 1,000 photocopies of rearranged text from university application forms. Viewers are welcome to take a copy of the pages which contain words in alphabetical order, such as accomplishment, certificate, character, freshmen, and quality.




"Repack" by Irma Lacorte


Irma Lacorte, professor of studio and community art at the Silliman University, presents the story behind the pusô—a way of packing rice in dried coconut leaves common in the Visayas region—with her piece "Repack." Lacorte's story was translated to English by Dennis Aguinaldo and Tin Palattao and it reads: "One day, a heart was beating. It felt heat that inflamed feelings from deep within. After a few moments, the emotions burst. Nothing could stop the surge for it was not meant to be held back. This had been etched long ago in the heart's destiny. The surge eventually subsided. It was kept warm, the fluids calmed, and was then slightly cooled before it was offered. A giant saw the heart and declared: 'You will be of use to more people, will reach places far and away if I wrap you in plastic, vacuum sealed for delivery.’ And a great cackle echoed, along with the clinking of what sounded like gold coins.”

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"Dula Ta!" by Sharon Rose Dadang Rafols


Sharon Rose Dadang Rafols' "Dula Ta!" presents a livelihood project done by the women in Pisong, La Libertad, Negros Oriental. She urges guests to create their own pandan balls provided dried pandan leaves. Another collective, Lumago Designs, proudly displays their jewelry from recycled scrap materials such as paper beads and repurposed leather strips sourced from the Dumaguete City dump site.




Jewelry and accesories by Lumago Designs


By bringing the Promdi Project to venues outside Dumaguete, it offers the "promise of a knowing self-parody, a declaration of ownership of the promdi identity without unintended irony," says Don Flores.


Promdi Project runs until August 14 at the Pasilyo Vicente Manansala (2/F Hallway Gallery) and Pasilyo Guillermo Tolentino (3/F Hallway Gallery) in the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.



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