This Inspiring Exhibit in Antipolo Wants You to Go Off the Grid

Move one square and get your daily dose of inspiration.

( In a time when both momentous and ordinary events in one’s life can easily be documented with just a click on your phone, which is then cropped into a square, and filtered with your preferred effects, a solo show at Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo City proposes a more intimate way to look at your own journey. Candice Arellano’s Human Being, Being Human shows a more personal, creative, and spiritual way of reflecting on the beauty and pains of living and loving. It runs until August 11.

"Random Thoughts"

In “Random Thoughts,” the artist treats each square as a single unit of thought and emotion that, when put altogether, creates a very striking piece against the white wall. The artwork consists of 156 squares of different patterns and designs—shells, animals, flowers, houses, and other shapes. 

"Hindi Tayo Tao, Bagay Tayo"
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Human Being, Being Human

The sculpture “Hindi Tayo Tao, Bagay Tayo” is placed side-by-side with the show’s signage of Human Being, Being Human—the mirror in between them creates an interesting effect on the play of words and a play in the structure itself. The piece, which features a pile of square blocks with floral pattern, is reflected in the mirror—as if contemplating on its own structure, essence, and value as an art object.


Arellano’s “Beliefs” remind us of the sliding-puzzle game we used to play with as (very bored) kids. The squares, which feature found objects like a tree bark, beads, stones, metal sheets, and stickers, are also movable. This goes well with the quote by Indian yogi master Sadghuru placed in one of the squares: "Spirituality is a boundless ability to respond and experience." Moving the squares reinforces the idea of responding and experiencing the things around us, living or non-living. The piece is made even more meaningful with the artist’s usage of fabrics that her late mother left behind, adding a more personal narrative in each square.


Human Being, Being Human, which is aptly situated amid verdant hills that are conducive for the act of “finding oneself,” encourages us go off the grid for a while and look back at our life. Similar to one of the pieces, it is like a mirror where we can truly find out who we are.

Human Being, Being Human, along with Edrick Daniel’s Mortal Shells, Shannah Orencio’s Flower Box, and Philipp Ines’ Fair Tales, runs until August 11 at Pinto Art Museum, 1 Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights Road, Antipolo City, Rizal. For more information, visit Pinto Art Museum’s website.

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