SM Aura is transforming into an urban gallery

Urban art in action.

( Art is really all around us—all you have to do is to pause and look! In an effort to transform the mall into an urban art gallery and to celebrate the local art scene, SM Aura Premier is having a year-long campaign called Art in Aura which takes art out of the gallery and into fresh open spaces, breathing life into random walls, staircases, and other key area, making art accessible to anyone and everyone. We’re talking Instagram-worthy walls that’s perfect for your feed (wink, wink).


Art in Aura is a collaboration between SM Aura Premier and creative assembly KAPWA Studio, tapping renowned local artists from all over the country to showcase their art in a fresh way that everyone can enjoy.



One of the featured murals is called “Through the Cracks” by visual artist Anina Rubio. Her design is inspired by nature, featuring basic backyard weeds and flowers as well as illustrated line art of waves across the walls.



"National Treasures” by street artist Archie Oclos puts the spotlight on the Philippines’ rich culture and heritage by paying tribute to strong and iconic Filipina women like legendary tattoo artist Whang Od and Lang Dulay, the T’nalak master weaver of the T’boli cloth. His design features tribal tattoo elements as well as batik-inspired patterns.



Painter and pattern designer Mercedes Olondriz aims to bring nature and organic elements back into the urban landscape through her mural “Flaura,” which features vibrant Schefflera plants across the staircase.



Apart from visually appealing murals, you can also check out the work of visual artist Philipp Badon located at the Atrium, which showcases his wonderful collections Badon Classis, Out of the Blue or Untamed Expressions, and Achromatic Badon.


If you're looking for something to do every weekend, drop by SM Aura Premier! There are weekly events at the Weekends at the Courtyard. Here, shoppers can discover lots of cool goodies and score unique finds from homegrown brands and local artisans as well as performances by local music artists.



Art in Aura also promises to feature new artist collaborations, art installations, activities, and more musical guests throughout the year. Talk about supporting our own!



Indeed, Art in Aura gives local artists an exciting platform to showcase their art, while bring art closer to all kinds of people all year round. To know more about Art in Aura visit their Facebook page.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Sm Aura Premier.