4 IG-Worthy Restaurants For a Picture-Perfect Date

The right ambiance can be everything in today's world where "feed" means more than just satiating physical hunger.


(SPOT.ph) Good food and good company are the baselines of a good date, but having IG-worthy shots in a really cute restaurant is a really nice bonus. Consider these picture-perfect restaurants for your next date.


Le Petit Soufflé

The indoor greenery of Le Petit Soufflé is practically begging to be on your IG feed. Reflecting the Japanese-French fusion cuisine, the interiors of Le Petit Soufflé are inspired by French-style cafes in Tokyo. The dainty and colorful interiors are sure to spark some magic between you and your date. 


Early Bird Breakfast Club

The bright interiors of Early Bird Breakfast Club are the perfect complement to their all-day breakfast fare. Yellow chairs and cheerful flower murals make for the best backdrop when dining on food that reminds you of how good mornings can be—even if it’s eaten at night. Bacon and waffles for dinner? Your date's gonna have a big smile for that! 


Sentro 1771

Sentro 1771 has been around forever, but its classic interiors make you feel like you’re on a sophisticated, grown-up date, and the interesting geometric chandeliers make for a great conversation starter—not to mention, totally photographable. Tip: Dress to the nines with your date and say cheese for a snazzy looking date pic.


Bubba Lab

Bubba Lab at the C&B Mall in Marikina will bring out the inner science-nerd in you and your date. Order your drinks from the Periodic Table Of Elements-inspired menu, and they’ll be served in beakers and graduated cylinders. These drinks are sure to get some conversations going on your feed, and between each other.



Aside from having pretty interiors, these restaurants can feed not only your appetites but also bring out the smiles in both you and your date—and we all know how important a smile is when making an impression on someone.


After-dinner coffee and desserts can do a number on your teeth and gums, but gargle with LISTERINE® Healthy White and you’ll be fine. In fact, check out LISTERINE® Healthy White at the Early Bird Breakfast Club in Century City Mall on March 23 to 28, Sentro 1771 in Pasig on April 6 to 11 and the one in the Uptown Mall on April 13 to 18, and Bubba Lab at the C & B Mall in Marikina on March 30 to April 4, for something that will give you and your date even bigger and brighter smiles.


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