BEAT THE HEAT: 5 Unusual Ways to Cool Down When It's Way Too Hot Everywhere

Welcome to the Philippines!


Summer may be over on paper, but don't bid the almighty Sun farewell just yet. Last time we checked, we live in the Philippines. And in this country, particularly in Metro Manila, that sweaty feeling and predicament never really go away. In fact, whether it's raining or scorching, we always end up soaking wet.

So how do you keep your cool in a place where it's hot all the time? Here are a few suggestions:



1. Invest in shirts that look and feel cool.
You may want to check out Uniqlo's AIRism line–its soft and smooth ultra-thin fibers fit gently against the skin. Though highly stretchy and form-fitting, the fabric isn't tight, does not impede movement, and is easy to put on and take off. More than anything, however, it eliminates odors, dries up easily, and prevents the growth of bacteria caused by sweat. It's like, it was made for Pinoys!


2. Create a cool environment.
If you can't find a place to cool down, you can always create one for yourself. Check out, a website that brings a rainstorm ambience to any environment. Just leave it on your browser, put on some headphones, and let it rain for as long as you want. Sometimes, it's your mind that needs cooling. Try it!



3. Place an ice cube on your pulse points.
Get a couple of ice cubes from the freezer, place them in a towel or a handkerchief, and hold them to your wrists or neck for up to 30 seconds. This cools your body temperature three degrees, which is a big deal if you're hoping for some relief from the heat.

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4. Don't go upstairs.
Fact: Hot air rises faster than cold air. If you want to keep the heat to a minimum, it's best to stay put on the ground floor. If you can stay in the basement, even better.

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5. Lick your arm.
Kangaroos and cats stay cool by licking their own forearms, so why can't we? If you dampen your skin, it'll cool down through evaporation. It's gross and weird, but then again so is sweat, right?

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None of these methods are going to make our country any cooler, but they all make a difference. If you want to know more about Uniqlo AIRism, click here.



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