10 Bars For Solo Flight Drinking

Cheers! You don’t have to be a loner to drink alone.

(SPOT.ph) For a lot of people, drinking is a social activity. But sometimes, you’re all by yourself and in need of a one-on-one with Johnny or Jack or the saint who is Miguel. Other times, you’re working late in the office, and it’s way past office hours, and you need a nightcap, you know to wash the day away, and hassle, even the office guard isn’t there anymore. Drinking alone at home is one thing, but going out to a bar to drink all by their lonesome? That’s another. You don’t want to look like an alcoholic.

Whether you're looking for some me-time or in the mood to start up a conversation with a stranger, here's a list to get you started:

Drinking doesn’t have to be social. Click for more.


Photos by Mico Cortez

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