Roadtests...Ministop Crispy Pata

Roadtesting Ministop’s <em> crispy pata </em>...because we can.


( "Ba’t ngayon mo lang napansin yan," Sally Andia, the assistant manager at Ministop Cybergate Tower 3 in Pioneer, challenged us when we showed surprise at their latest offering: a P400-crispy pata, which comes with a free two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola! Apparently, it’s been on offer since November last year but, surprise, surprise, is forever out of stock. Forever.



We finally learned when best to buy this piece of this pork, and learned what little else there is to be learned about it. Check out the results of our roadtest.


Best time to score one: In the afternoon, because it quickly gets sold out by evening. If, like the rest of the people who order this, you intend to bring it to a party, we suggest you advise your neighborhood Ministop crew to reserve one for you in the afternoon and then just pick up the pata right before heading to your bash.



Best for: Intimate get-togethers with your closest pals, when you can be at your sloppy best. Say, a pity party when someone’s going through a break-up or a rejection; or a DVD night when pambahay is the preferred attire.


Best with: Beer. While Coke is Ministop’s suggestion, we prefer beer, just because the pata is rather salty.


Tastes like: Crispy pata, to be fair. But for good measure, don’t forget to give it a good splash of the sweetened soy sauce served on the side (in a plastic bag). It’s surprisingly tender, so we suggest you eat this with your hands. The skin remains delightfully crispy long after you’ve walked out of Ministop.

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Manage your expectations: You’ll need to give the crew at least eight minutes to prepare your pata. Prep doesn’t include chopping but we suggest you don’t have it chopped (eat with your hands, instead!). It comes in the signature Ministop fried chicken box, yes. Lastly, give yourself-and Ministop-a break if you find the cooking a bit uneven (in steak parlance, some sides are well-done, others medium-rare).


Yay or nay: Yay. Come on, you’re only shelling out P400. And that’s pretty good pork skin.

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