CHECK IT OUT: Smokin’ Hot BarBQ at Greenbelt 3, Makati

Pinoy classics care of The Bistro Group. <i>Kuhol</i>, anyone?

This establishment is closed.


Smokin’ Hot BarBQ
Level 3, Greenbelt 3, Experanza Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City
Tel. No. 729-7431
Open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.


( Another place to eat, care of The Bistro Group? We’re not going to groan with you. Smokin’ Hot BarBQ has been brewing under the pot for two years with heads constantly being scratched, trying to figure out how present to Filipino cuisine to a Filipino audience. Isn’t that strange?

But finally, on March 5, the doors opened to reveal Chef Josh Boutwood’s spin on Pinoy cuisine. The place is casual and the group is still testing new dishes but they’re standing on some pretty solid meals fit for a fiesta.



Despite being named "BarBQ," The Bistro Group’s new venture isn’t confined to the grill. What they aimed for is, as the tagline says, a global Filipino cuisine. Lisa Ronquillo tells us that they wanted to capture the taste and feel that is distinct to the Philippines but would also appeal to a broader audience. It’s not just about adobo and sinigang, they went straight for things like Kuhol sa Gata (P215). It’s something that’s served in various local provinces, a true Pinoy delicacy, and yet the French have a monolopy on escargot.



Suck those delicious slugs out


If eating snails make you queasy, you can still find more conventional starters like their Chicken Sisig with quail egg on top (P195). But for the fearless, you chew on Grilled Pig’s Ear (P265) and Crispy Bacon Belly (P220). The appetizers are so feel-at-home, you almost want to kick your shoes off, grab a beer, and start watching telly while you enjoy some pika-pika. Cholesterol? What cholesterol?



Make your own sisig wrap!


Despite the casual dining atmosphere, the food is presented curiously, making the familiar look pretty spiffy. They have six types of rice, not counting plain old steamed, and they serve it on a dainty coconut-husk bowl.


Black Rice


Their Black Rice (P165) is a clear winner but the Dulong Rice (P195) is a close second. You can just order it and have fun eating it as a full meal, what with those teeny tiny fried fishes served with mango on the side.




Going on to the main course, they have everything from Pinaputok na Tilapia (P335) to Binagoongang Liempo (P295), all good for sharing. Soup fans can enjoy a steaming bowl of Bulalo (P445) or go for the mildly spicy, classic Stuffed Laing (P215) or some crispy Okoy (P165). Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty while eating; they encourage getting touchy with your chow.


We like getting up-close and personal with the food


As for ihaw-ihaw, they have chicken, they have pork, and they even have Tuna Belly (P295) ready for roasting. The  Smokin’ BarBQ Chicken (P675) is a must-try; the meat is absolutely tender and they did not skimp on the marinade.



Smokin’ BarBQ Chicken


Turon 2.0


If you have room for dessert after all that, order the cute Turon 2.0 (P175). It’s banana ice cream with banana compote on caramelized cones served in a row on a bamboo. And if that’s not sweet enough, go for the Caramelized Banana served with jackfruit cream sauce (P155).


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