10 Kiddie Snacks We Can’t Forget

We saved up our allowance so we could buy these so-not-good-for-us snacks after school. What was your favorite?

(SPOT.ph) This story was originally published on September 25, 2009, but we thought we’d revisit a classic. For something newer, check out Pinoy Childhood Sweets We Miss the Most.


Haw Flakes
What it is: Those yummy tart discs of a Chinese fruit called hawthorn. It comes in rolls of seventeen discs.
Why we loved it: We used to play first communion with them with everyone taking turns being the "priest" and receiver of the Haw Flakes. And it was impossible to just have one.



Bazooka Joe
What it is: Pink bubble gum that comes in waxed paper with a complimentary comic strip about Bazooka Joe, a kid who wears a baseball cap and, for reasons unknown, a black eye patch. The ridges on the gum made it look like a pink bar of laundry soap.
Why we loved it: We collected those comic strips-and hoped that each chew was a different story about "Bazooka Joe and His Gang." If it wasn’t, we’d trade strips with friends.


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What it is: The tougher-than-usual bubblegum wrapped in differently-colored wrappers (not according to flavor at all).
Why we loved it: Although it was tough to chew-your jaw would, more often than not, end up aching-the gum tasted really sweet and the flavor lasted a lot longer than others. It also produced stronger bubbles (less mess in your hair, which, admit it, happened to you at least once if you’re a girl).



White Rabbit
What it is: Creamy, white, chewy candy that’s wrapped in what looks like waxed paper (it’s really an edible thin strip of "paper" made from sticky rice).
Why we loved it: It was always a thrill to be able to eat the "paper" along with the candy. The wrapper didn’t really taste like anything, but eating it made us feel like rebels so we ate it anyway.



Iced Gems
What it is: Bite-sized biscuits with differently colored icing on top. Each piece looked like a cute, mini masterpiece.
Why we loved it: It’s one of those classic baon foods that you and your friends would share. Some people liked eating the biscuit first and saving the icing for later (some ate it by color, too!). What was your Iced Gem eating style?


Peter’s Butter Ball
What it is: Buttery balls of sweet caramel goodness. It comes individually wrapped for easy popping right into your mouth.
Why we loved it: For the price, you got good quality candy that tasted almost like butterscotch. It was the next best thing to getting those decadent squares of pure, soft caramel.



Orange Swits
What it is: Orange jelly candies covered in sugar. They’re quite orange and very "swit," indeed.
Why we loved it: It was probably the closest thing we had to gummy bears. It comes in packs of four so there’s just enough for you-and your friends, if you’re feeling generous.


Tootsie Roll
What it is: A log of chocolate candy that’s rolled in waxed paper.
Why we loved it: All together now, "Let me see that Tootsie Roll!" We could spend all day just licking that Tootsie Roll, occasionally stopping to have lunch or dinner. But we always, always came back to the Tootsie Roll.



What it is: Crunchy barbecue-flavored chips that we’d snack on until the powdered flavoring finally accumulated on our fingertips.
Why we loved it:
The best part about eating chips like this? The moment when you tilt your head back and chuck all the small bits left over into your happy mouth. Mmm!


What it is: Small, tablet-like candies made from malt and chocolate that most likely inspired the creation of Ovalteenies.
Why we loved it: You know how-when no one was looking-you used to like eating Milo chocolate powder straight from the tin? That’s what eating Horlicks was like.

Illustrations by Warren Espejo

SPOT.ph wants to know: What’s your favorite childhood snack?

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