New Restaurant Alert: Wingstop at Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

The Wings Experts are upon us!

2/F Regis Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City
Open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.



( Wingstop asks their guests to wait 14 minutes for every order. Fourteen. Not 15, not 10. It's strangely a very specific number that indicates the precise efforts put into their world-famous wings*. Wingstop, the international aviation-themed chicken wings chain, opened in Regis Center, Katipunan Avenue, in May, countering the sweltering heat of summer with its own brand of fire.



A bar is part of the seating.


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It’s primarily self-service.


Wingstop's, all steaming and freshly cooked, come in nine flavors in varying degrees of heat of which the Cajun is a must-try. The Buffalo chicken glistens from a tantalizing red dress of hot sauce, with a teasing coat of powdery red spices. You'll want to skip the pleasantries and just dive in, bare hands and all. The first bite is a mild revelation that builds up to a passionate fieriness. By your third or fourth piece, you'll be sweating, but hooked. This love affair doesn't demand much, but you'll want to caress it with a gentle touch of Bleu Cheese or a sweet swipe of the Honey Mustard.



Cajun Wings


If you're more for sweet than sultry, the Teriyaki plays the wings-next-door to the Cajun's vixen. The Japanese-style glaze is friendly, tolerable, and patient-for you to finish your spicy basket to better appreciate its reliable dose of sweetness.


Chicken Tenders


Those who seek little commitment in their wings can skip the bones and enjoy the unbarred tenderness of the Chicken Tenders*. The deep-fried chicken fingers are thicker-than-usual, and soft-deliciously so and moist-and piping hot in between. The flavor comes in default plain, but you can embellish it with the powerful heat of the Atomic or the familiar comfort of the Ranch. Sides like the smoky Chipotle Rice (P45) are an added thrill to an already exciting meal.



Chipotle Rice


In this fast-paced end of Katipunan, few casual restaurants can compel customers to wait almost a quarter of an hour, but patience will be rewarded once your name is called to the counter. Besides, you will want to gobble up those wings as fast as you can once your name is called to the counter. But like any real love affair, take it slow-savor it.


*Chicken Wings are priced P180 (six pieces, one flavor), P295 (10 pieces, two flavors), P725 (25 pieces, three flavors), P1,250 (45 pieces, four flavors). Chicken Tenders are priced P180 (three pieces, one dip), P395 (seven pieces, two dips), P895 (16 pieces, three dips), P1,395 (25 pieces, four dips). Additional dip costs P30.

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