Top 10 Dishes We’d Love to Date

Sometimes, you don’t need a partner in life. Just food.


( To paraphrase the great Hannibal Lecter, we've given some serious thought to eating you out. UP! Up. Eating you up.

When we look at the food we're eating, sometimes we see the qualities of our ideal partner. Reflected in their olive oil sheen, or redolent in their perfectly cooked aroma, are all the good things we expect in a partner: love, trust, adventure, intellect, flirtatiousness, thrill...

Then we look down at our food and at the real person we're dating, and then just-just-sigh. In any case, if you’re lonely and single, remember this: you have food to love, and while they can’t exactly love you back, they will never hurt you.


This list is not ranked. Art by Warren Espejo.


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1. Jollibee Spaghetti

She's reliable, this one. Wherever she finds herself, whether in a styro pack or the finest china, she makes herself right at home. She's easy to find, too: just search her out in any party. (Yes, even kiddie parties. Especially kiddie parties.) Sure, she may not be the healthiest gal around, but you wouldn't be ashamed to take her home to your mother.


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2. Tonkotsu Tsukemen from Ramen Yushoken

Big, hearty, and always hot, he's your rainy-day comfort. However down you are in the doldrums, he exists only to make you feel better. You're not afraid to get messy with him...and boy, do you love to suck him up.




3. Kabigting’s Halo-halo

Everything that's good in the world, she's got it in spades...and then some. You need to stir her up in the beginning-let's admit it, her demeanor can get pretty icy-but after that initial rocky phase, she's all sweetness and light. And just when you thought you've discovered everything there is to know about her...surprise! She's always got one last thing to show.



4. Al Pastor Street Taco from El Chupacabra

With a muscle shirt, some flip-flops, and an unflappable Latin charm, he’s always dressed like he's going to some festival or the other. Or maybe about to board another budget flight to crash in another cheap hostel. Whatever, dude-you just know that he's unshaven, and rugged, and streetwise, and dirty, dirty hot.




5. Degustacion Course at Vask

Think of her as one of those rare vacation flings you’ll never forget: intense, quick but complex. You couldn't afford to visit her in her homeland and rekindle the spark. You couldn't speak her language. Hell, you couldn't even pronounce her name. But she'll haunt your memories forever.

6. Tournedos Rossini from 71 Gramercy

From first sight (and first bite), you know he's a prime cut that's worth moneybags-which, never fear, he also has in abundance. Rich, decadent, perfectly, sorry, portioned, and a trust fund as high as a calorie count: make no mistake, this guy is a payday treat.




7. Paneer Tikka from OM Lifestyle + Cafe

This spicy soulmate is everything you need in a date: stimulating, worldly, multi-faceted, complex, exotic, cultured. She's even got an Erasmus scholarship. Somehow, that doesn't surprise you. At all.



8. Sinigang na Crispy Bagnet sa Watermelon from Simple Lang

Because everyone deserves a sweet, easygoing, good-natured partner that’s simple lang-with a bit of an edge.




9. Steak from Chops Chicago Steakhouse

Hold the fries: this dude is a pure and manly man's man, man. He's a raw, red-blooded MMA fan who pumps iron every day (and he's got the protein-ed guns to show for it). Not afraid to get a little bloody, he never shies away from a fight. He's the bad boy your mother-and dietitian-always told you to to avoid. Warning: he can get a little savage in between the sheets, too.



10. Yee Sang from Shang Palace

She's messy. She's fun. She's always in the mood for a party. And she's always a blast to hang around with your barkada. Who could ask for anything more?




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