10 New Ice Cream Flavors for Any Weather

Because ice cream keeps us warm in a different way.


(SPOT.ph) People always assume that ice cream is only for summer; that cool, creamy indulgence that keeps the sweltering heat at bay, at least until the last crumb in the Cookies and Cream. But ice cream is about warmth too, like a hug on a sad day or a blanket while reading a John Green novel. This favorite dessert-slash-snack  transcends seasons. Summer may be officially over, but that's never been an excuse for ice cream makers to slow down and give their creative minds a break. The churning goes on as they continue to shower us with exciting flavors to try. Here's a rundown of new lick-worthy variants.


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Buko Bano (P300/tub) by Adam's Ice Cream

Adam's Seriously Good Ice Cream has some of the most interesting flavor combinations. Tart Baguio strawberries and coconut milk, banana and cherry, roasted peanuts with lemongrass and ginger-these are just some of the kooky creations that raise eyebrows when you look at the menu, but will surely excite your palate. Recently, Adam's released a dairy- and sugar-free line of which the Buko Bano is a standout. Chunks of fresh guyabano are enveloped in a tub of coconut milk ice cream. The two flavors are distinct, equally dominant, but come together to make a truly delectable spoonful.


For orders, call Adam’s Ice Cream at 0917-597-2573.


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Avocado Ice Cream (P320/pint; may vary depending on distributor) by Merry Moo

Sink your spoon into a pint of Merry Moo's ice cream, and you know right away that you're in for a treat. It effortlessly slides through, a hint of its amazing creaminess. In fact, it feels like cutting through a fresh and ripe avocado, and the flavor is unmistakable. This dessert reminds you of summer days spent with a bowl of this luscious green fruit bathed in sweetened milk and ice. Merry Moo's treatment of the avocado does the fruit justice, and it’s safe to say that it beats other commercially available brands.

For orders, call Merry Moo at 0917-528-9590. Merry Moo has a branch in SM Aura, and is stocked at DEC, Wilson Street, San Juan.




Tibok-tibok Ice Cream (P275/pint) by Chef Jam Melchor of Healthy Eats

This treat stems from the collaboration between Chef Jam Melchor and Moo-la-la Artisanal Ice Cream. As part of his more health-conscious advocacy, Jam uses all local and sustainable ingredients to come up with an ice cream series devoted to familiar Pinoy flavors. Apart from Guyabano, Coco Lychee, and Mantecado, he has Tibok-tibok, which is light, refreshing, and sweet but not in a candy-flavored way. Instead of sugar, most of the sweetness comes from the corn kernels embedded in the ice cream. The flavor of this ice cream version remains faithful to its kakanin inspiration.

For orders, call Healthy Eats at 0917-830-9516.



Good Golly Lolly (P75/scoop) from New Zealand Natural

The freshest and purest cream speaks for New Zealand Natural’s popularity. Flavors like the Chocolate Ecstasy, Cookies & Cream, and Strawberry Surprise have loyal fans all over the world, and their immensely successful White Chocolate and Raspberry even boasts awards. The most recent variant to join this delicious range is the Good Golly Lolly, which is creamy vanilla infused with the flavor of Juicy Fruit! It's thick and bright yellow; specks of the fruit-flavored gumdrops make it delightfully chewy.


New Zealand's Natural has branches in Glorietta 2, Makati City, and SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.


Biscotti Ice Cream (P70/scoop) by Mad Mark's

There are no traces of biscotti in the ice cream, and the flavor doesn’t automatically remind you of the twice-baked cookie either. Still, despite the misnomer, it tastes satisfyingly good. Here, vanilla ice cream is streaked with chocolate crumbs and nuts. It's hardly a complicated mix, but perfect proportions of everything meld into ice cream just as pleasurable as the others on this list.

Mad Mark's has branches at Kapitolyo, Pasig City, and Glorietta, Makati City.



Hokey Pokey (P370/pint; may vary depending on distributor) by Carmen's Best

Carmen's Best owner Paco Magsaysay puts equal amounts of importance and effort to his flavors as he does with making his ice cream base. His meticulous methods guarantee that everything churned from his ice-cream machines comes out exceptional, and the Hokey Pokey is no different. Homemade honeycomb toffee chunks are added to vanilla ice cream, resulting in a charming chewiness with every spoonful.

Carmen's Best is available at White Plains, Quezon City; AK Bistro, Kitchen 1B, Echostore Serendra, and DEC Wilson.



Banana Sundae Ice Cream (P75/scoop) by Fruits in Ice Cream

It doesn’t look as picture-perfect as the ones you find in traditional ice cream parlors, what with the mouthwatering scoops of ice cream in between halves of one banana. Still, Fruits in Ice Cream offers the same kind of sweet appeal when it comes to the profile. Banana-flavored ice cream is laced with a bittersweet swirl of chocolate fudge. A flurry of chopped nuts and chocolate chips also lends a wonderful bite and contrast to the creamy base.


Click here for a list of Fruits in Ice Cream branches.



Piña Colada (P290/pint) by Pint

Though adding a bit of extra spirit in ice cream is no longer a novel concept, this cool pint does well without it. Inspired by the popular cocktail, Pint's Piña Colada nixes the rum and simply incorporates sweet pineapple chunks in a light coconut ice cream. It's neither too sweet nor too tangy. The flavor is subtle, just enough to whisk your taste buds off to tropical paradise.

For orders, call Pint at 964-1428 or 0917-535-5691.




Wild Berries Ice Cream (P180/two scoops, P400/pint) from The Cake Club

If you like the tartness of berries, then this ice cream is for you. It combines the individual tanginess of blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries to make a burgundy-hued icy treat that tickles and refreshes the palate. There are no whole chunks of berries visible, but take a bite and you’ll know that The Cake Club only uses the freshest fruit. Try to feel the seeds massaging your taste buds if you need more confirmation.

The Cake Club is at Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City.



Pistachio Ice Cream with Green Tea White Chocolate Swirl (P850/quart) by Homemade by Roshan

Roshan is known for turning her cakes and cookies into ice cream. Like their pastry counterparts, her frozen treats are mindblowingly delicious. Her Food for the Gods, Lemon Walnut Torte, and Ghirardelli Choco Chip have already been churned into ice cream, but the latest addition to her roster is the show-stopping Pistachio with Green Tea White Chocolate Swirl, a spin-off of her Green Tea Mango Torte. Streaks of chocolatey matcha strut in a smooth, custard-y pool of nutty ice cream. It’s a marriage of flavors that's quite unexpected but definitely appreciated.


For orders, call Homemade by Roshan at 631-7786, 0917-833-6286.

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