New Restaurant Alert: Salo at The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City

Go for regional Filipino specialties and after-office drinks that won’t break the bank.

The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City
Tel. No. 0917-891-4333
Open daily from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m.



( The rows of restaurants in Bonifacio Global City present a challenge to any respectable foodie or city dweller who wants a good measure of their territory. The increasing number of restaurants may help in expanding your stomach capacity, but the stretch doesn’t exactly extend to bank accounts.



"We saw a gap in the range of establishments in Bonifacio Global City. We wanted a place [where] people can go to every day, with food they won’t tire of and price points that are reasonable," says Pat Cortez, owner of the recently opened Salo restaurant in The Fort Strip.




Gatang Sitaw at Kalabasa


Salo, which means "get together" in English, finds the middleground between appetite and budget with surefire Filipino hits in practical prices. Big plates like the Bistek (P225), Bicol Express (P215), and Binagoongan (P215) demonstrate this philosophy. The latter, a generous helping of tender bite-sized pork slices heavy with a briny coat from shrimp paste, is well on its way to be a bestseller.




Smaller plates for those less inclined to testing their maximum stomach potential are available. Big flavors make up for size in the Sinuglaw or Sinugba + Kinilaw (P180). A Filipino take of surf ’n’ turf, grilled pork flaunting a bold and smoky profile contrasts the delightful tartness of blue marlin soaked in vinegar.




Beef Pares






To appeal to the office crowd, Salo also offers convenient rice bowls ideal for quick lunches. Bestsellers include Tuyosilog (P145) and Tapsilog (P140), but the Beef Pares (P145) stands out for its straight-up flavors-savory with a slightly sweet hint to it that’s fit for the Pinoy taste buds.



Buko Pandan


Leche Flan


Continuing the theme of Filipino staples, desserts like Buko Pandan (P105) topped with pinipig and Leche Flan (P45) finished off with macapuno give that much-craved sweet indulgence after a heavy meal.


Standing beside BGC’s hot night spots, affordable drinks like P60 for local beers and bucket promos at P240 inspire nearby cubicle dwellers and Fort residents to dawdle from dinner to-post hangover at Salo. "There are very few affordable places to go to for those who want to unwind in the evening. The bars in the area are mostly high end. At Salo, our drinks are a steal," shares Cortez. Even hard drinks, which run from P100 to P160 per glass or P1,200+ per bottle, are more affordable alternatives.




Sizzling Mais


Lechon Belly


Pulutan Platter


Sisig (P185), obviously, takes its rightful place as beer’s official match. It’s a no-fuss serving of crispy pork bits on a hot plate and judiciously garnished with bits of onion, chili pepper, and garlic. The Lechon Belly (P220/250g and P400/500g) tries its best to compete: juicy, guilt-inducing slices of pork belly are appetizing enough even without the sauce. Meanwhile, the cholesterol-friendlier Sizzling Mais (P90)-sweet corn with cheese powder and butter-takes you back to your school days.



Filipino food banks on its homey approach and, and Salo shows you don’t have to pay much for the taste of home.

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