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( Four years in the business and Kogi Bulgogi remains smokeless. It’s not stuffy with customers trying to cook their Korean barbecue perfectly. That’ll soon change, we were told, and we took the time to savor the modern interiors before it becomes littered with people who find joy in paying to labor over their meal first. It’s baffling to be handed raw materials for some, but to each his own. DIY restaurants are on the rise and they make for cute date places...which was what we immediately thought of at the sight of Kogi Bulgogi’s Ssam Wraps. This is the best thing to do to mortify your date. Turn your life into a rom-com right now.



Dak Gui Ssam


Ssam Wraps, or Korean Lettuce Wraps, is for goofy diners who want to play with their food. They have instructions on how to properly eat this dish-take a leaf, lay the meat in the middle, add sauces, and fold so that it fits your mouth. It seems simple and we applaud you if you do it perfectly on the first try, but we had a lot of fun making something closer to lumpia than a snug suman. It’s messy and creates the perfect opportunity for a Koreanovela moment. The best part is, it’s also rewarding to the taste buds. The Dak Gui Ssam (chicken, P385) is soft and tender enough that you can chew through the meat if you wrap it like a turon. The sweet juice bathing the strips is more than satisfactory but you can slather their spicy sauce on your creation if that’s your thing.

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KPop Chicken


If you’re not into making a fool of yourself, the new KPop Chicken (Korean Popular Chicken, P125/4 pcs) is a more traditional antidote to hunger. Available in Sweet or Spicy Soy, these meaty wings are best enjoyed with the Kimchi Rice (P110). On their own, they’re a crunchy yet succulent bite of Korean fried chicken...but pairing them with the subtle sour flavor of the Kimchi Rice elevates them from being a charming starter to a fun entrée. You can also have the wings with their Bibimbap (P220) and throw a lovely party for yourself.


Kimchi Rice and Bibimbap


A pot of their Tuk-Bulgogi (P405) is not a bad thing to have on the side. The sweet broth is just what you need to balance all the flavors, if you decide to order all of this in one go.


The Kogi Ssam Wraps are also available in beef or pork and people believe that eating something wrapped neatly will bring good fortune. We feel lucky enough already with good food, so we think it’s working.

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