CHECK IT OUT: Juice Jab’s Diet Delivery Program

Let’s take a break from the overeating.

Chicken, Salad, and Veggie Rolls for Day 1


( The standard foodie would understandably have hesitations about going on a diet program. No matter what the posters say, it could never replace the hearty plates that Manila’s vast dining landscape has spoiled them with. There’s the matter of portioning and the lingering fear that they’d end up with edible cardboard.


Enter Juice Jab. The popular juicing detox company has come up with two diet plans, the Jab and the Jolt (also the categories of their juicing programs), to develop a more well-rounded approach to health. "It was a natural progression for our brand," says Bibet Papa. "Sourcing both food and drinks from a single company would ensure truly well-balanced and properly portioned meals."


Jab Meals sum up a total of 900 calories per day while the Jolt Meals total 1,200 calories. This calculation includes the juices that go with each meal. "Our juice programs have always been designed by nutritionists, and with the Juice Jab Meals expansion, we have tapped the services of experienced chefs to whip up appetizing and nutritious recipes that would complement our juice programs," says Bibet.



Eggs, fish, and greens for Day 2


The menu changes every week, but flavor is a constant factor in the meals. The chicken doesn’t lack flavor, the fish is delightfully briny, even the vegetable rolls are easy to stomach (for non-veggie fans). Every day is a welcome mix of proteins, greens, and carbs. The portion size may seem disconcerting after you savor your last bite, but the juices (delicious ones that taste like actual beverage) take the role of filling you up.


According to Bibet, the Jolt Meals are designed as an ongoing diet program. "It gives the average individual enough energy to perform their regular routine, including exercise," she says. Exercise is actually recommended if the customer’s goal is weight loss.


Turning over to a health-oriented lifestyle is a major adjustment (especially when you’re spoiled with lechon and sisig), but Juice Jab is flavorful and helpful break in between pig-outs that doesn’t demand too much commitment to appreciate.


Jolt Meals are priced at P2,000 (first order) and P1,800 (subsequent orders) for two days and P4,700 (first order) and P4,500 (subsequent orders) for five days. Jab Meals are priced at P2,600 (first order) and P2,400 (subsequent orders) for Mild and P3,650 (first order) and P3,450 (subsequent orders) for Moderate. Jab Meals are designed to stretch for three days.


Order via the Juice Jab website.

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