Add These to Your Next Poblacion Food Crawl

How do you make a food crawl memorable? Turn it into a competition.

( Make your visit to Poblacion more fun and filling by trying eats and drinks served by the locale's restaurants and bars. Globe myBusiness and Let's Eat, Pare, did just that as they organized a food crawl that put the spotlight on some of Poblacion's most interesting dishes and drinks.


The rules: Sample some of Poblacion’s tastiest offerings, complete a set of challenges, and make delicious discoveries along the way. “Let’s Food Crawl, Pare” turned out to be one fun and filling event that encouraged participants, who were divided into teams, to try the following:


Tea-infused whiskey at Pura Vida

You know you’re in for a good time when your first challenge involves sipping on a cocktail while dancing. Pura Vida is a reggae bar and restaurant that is known for Costa Rican food and intimate live music performances.


The Tea-Co Loco is a cocktail that combines wild berry tea-infused whiskey with honey syrup and a mix of orange, lemon, and pineapple juices. The berry flavor add depth to the cocktail, while the juices makes for a balance of sweet and sour.


Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs with Three Sauces at the SmokeYard

Education gets you everywhere. Troy Conine, the man behind The SmokeYard, studied under Mike Mills, a legend in the Barbecue Hall of Fame, and it shows in the ribs the teams tried at his restaurant. Spiced and smoked for at least five hours, the meat was so tender that it required practically zero effort to tear it off the bone.


And while the ribs were already a flavor explosion on their own, contestants got to slather three different sauces—Original, Fire, and Mustard Vinegar—onto the meat, adding more zest to every bite.


Authentic Lebanese shawarma at Yalla Yalla

According to Yalla Yalla’s Ricky Punzalan, Lebanese cuisine is to Middle Eastern food as Kapampangan is to Filipino food—which means Lebanese cuisine is probably one of the best—if not the best—that you can get from the region. So, when Ricky’s associate complained about the lack of real Lebanese food in Manila, they flew in a chef who could make authentic tasting Lebanese dishes.


Yalla yalla!” translates to “Hurry!” in English, so in keeping with this concept, the teams were asked to put their own wraps together in just one minute. The contestants munched on delicately charred beef, fresh veggies, and soft, buttery lavash bread doused in garlic sauce.


Two attitude-filled cocktails at Z Hostel

At the roofdeck bar, crawlers had to finish one glass each of Z Hostel’s signature cocktails: the Punyeta (a blend of rum, tea, and pineapple juice) and the Whatever (a mix of rum, gin, vodka, tequila, triple sec, and sours).


While the Punyeta was something that would probably be enjoyed by most palates, the Whatever, on the other hand, had more bite to it.


A couple of Filipino craft beers at Alamat

At Alamat, contestants had to finish a pint each of the bar’s KeyWheat and Zig Zagger Double IPA, both of which were concocted by local craft brewers, and available on tap.


KeyWheat is a beer you’d enjoy on a hot day: crisp, cold, and infused with kiwi for a fruity finish. Zig Zagger, on the other hand, has all the depth of an Indian Pale Ale but tastes less bitter, which makes it remarkably easy to drink. Drink it slowly; it’s the strongest beer they’ve got, with 10% alcohol content. 


DIY brownie parfaits at Bucky’s 

Teams who got to go to Bucky’s were asked to put together their own brownie parfaits, with their choice of toppings. Contestants layered ice cream, chocolate chips, peanuts, and sprinkles onto Bucky’s famous brownies and drizzled them with thick chocolate and caramel syrup. While some crawlers opted to make photogenic parfaits, others took this chance to make incredibly indulgent desserts.


A mysterious blue gin at The Apartment 

At The Apartment, contestants were served cocktails made with gin, a mysterious blue-colored fruit juice, and lemon slices. They were then asked to guess what the mixer was made of; getting it right meant winning the challenge. From the looks of the #FoodCrawlPare videos and photos you can see on Facebook, everybody agreed that whatever it was, it was absolutely delicious. 


Southeast Asian spices at Wild Poppy 

Wild Poppy specializes in flavorful Southeast Asian fare—which, of course, means a healthy dose of spices. Teams were served dishes like the Curry Fisher Rice Bowl and the Chicken Ren Damn Rice Bowl and asked to identify the 3 main ingredients of each. For those with discerning palates, this was likely an easy challenge. 


Seriously rich avocado toast at ABKD

ABKD is Poblacion’s next-level bakery café, and their ABKD Toast (get it?) is one of the highlights on their menu. Made with smoked salmon, avocado slices, ricotta cheese, truffle honey, cherry tomatoes, and poached egg all piled on top of a thick slice of sourdough bread, it’s as delicious as it is picturesque. So picturesque, in fact, that the challenge was to take the most Instagram-worthy flatlay you could. 


A beer syrup cocktail at Ñ 

Ñ, a bar above ABKD, was home to one of the wackier challenges of Let’s Food Crawl, Pare. While drinking the Kalesa—a signature cocktail made with Red Horse beer reduction syrup, vodka, calamansi juice, ginger ale, and angostura bitters—crawlers had to pretend to be a kalesa, meaning someone had to act like a horse while the other acted like their driver!


Throughout the competition, teams were asked to document all the fun and post their pics and vids on Facebook. At the end of the day, the team with the most likes was hailed as the “Let’s Food Crawl, Pare” winners. Everyone could have been considered a winner, however, because the crawlers were able to try out places they’d never been to before.


Globe myBusiness partnered with all 10 of these establishments exactly for that reason: to help point more people in their direction, thanks to Globe’s massive network. By offering solutions that not only make their businesses run smoother, Globe myBusiness also has been helping SMEs grow their ventures and increase their sales by connecting them to clients.


If you want to make your own food crawl in the area, you can even do it cash-free, as each participating establishment also accepts G-Cash for payments. All you need to do is scan a QR Code with your phone to pay.


To know more about Globe myBusiness, visit this website. If you’re curious about everything else that happened during “Let’s Food Crawl, Pare,” check out the hashtags #FoodCrawlPare and #GlobemyBusiness on Facebook. 

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Globe myBusiness.
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