For Your Next Iloilo Trip: 5 Excellent Dishes and Where to Find Them

Foodies, take note!


( The best part of any trip is trying food you can’t find back home. And in the Philippines, the cuisine is diverse enough that you don’t even have to leave the country to take your taste buds for a ride.


This rings especially true for Iloilo, home to one of the country’s most vibrant food cultures. If you’re ever in the province, you owe it to yourself to try the following:



Fried Ibus

Suman sa ibus is an Ilonggo specialty—think of it as stronger-flavored suman that’s cooked inside cracked palm leaves. Cafe Panay, a new restaurant that specializes in authentic Ilonggo eats, offers a must-try version of the treat: fried until crispy, and served with muscovado, tablea chocolate dip, and mango compote for added sweetness.



Fiery Chicken and Pork Adobo

Ilonggo adobo is known for having atsuete in its recipe. This not only gives the adobo an orange tinge but also adds a touch of earthiness to the dish. One example of this dish is the Fiery Chicken and Pork Adobo by Book Latte, a coffee-shop-and-library hybrid that’s open 24/7.



Banana and Strawberry Buttermilk Pancakes

Enjoy generous buttermilk pancakes topped with sliced bananas, strawberry compote, and whipped butter at DoVa Brunch Cafe—the brainchild of one of Iloilo’s most celebrated chefs, Miguel Cordova.



Heaven’s Cake

Make sure to drop by Dulgies Desserts and Cafe, a local favorite that serves a variety of sweets and pastries. A slice of its Heaven’s Cake, a moist chocolate and caramel concoction, will satisfy any sweet tooth.




Assi Food Plaza is the country’s leading retailer of Korean groceries, and the Seoul Cafe located inside the store serves an excellent Bibimbap. The mixed rice dish is a meal on its own, but it can also be eaten with Tteokbokki and Seafood Ramyun.


The restaurants serving these dishes are all within walking distance from each other at Iloilo Business Park—an up-and-coming foodie haven outside of Metro Manila. The 72-hectare township is quickly becoming a go-to food destination and has a variety of boutique and commercial establishments that make it ideal for shopping and entertainment.

So the next time you’re headed to lloilo, make sure that Iloilo Business Park is on your itinerary.

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