How To Tell If The Beer You're Drinking Is Fresh

Just because the bottle looks clean doesn't mean the brew is fresh.


( There’s no bigger disappointment than reaching for a cold, sweaty brew and discovering it's a sad, stale bottle of ale. Here’s how to avoid making that mistake ever again!


Ask where it's been stored

Find out where the beer is stored. If it's exposed to the elements, chances are it's taken a beating—beer that’s been under too much light (sun or fluorescent) becomes “lightstruck” and develops a gross, skunky taste.


Inspect the beer

Fresh beer is always sparkingly clear, so always check for this. But also be on the lookout for particles that’ve settled on the bottom inside an otherwise decent-looking beer.


Not expired ≠ fresh

A beer isn't necessarily fresh just because it hasn't passed the expiry date yet. Pasteurization gives the beer a lifespan of nine to twelve months, but it is best consumed as early as possible after bottling. You can usually check the expiry date on the bottle itself, or on the crown. As beer ages, the brew oxidizes, resulting in a distorted flavor.


Fresh beer is out there. Take San Miguel Super Dry—it’s locally brewed and shipped using an efficient nationwide distribution system, ensuring that a fresh bottle with the smooth crisp Super Dry flavor is always nearby.



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