It's Peach Perfect: You'll Definitely Love JINRO Soju's New Flavor

It offers the same authentic Korean soju taste you love—but with a sweet and tangy twist!

Many people won’t argue that the peach is one of the most delicious fruits in the world. This fuzzy-skinned, juicy, pink fruit is soft, sweet-with-a-subtle-tartness, and smells divine! No wonder the world loves infusing other foods and drinks with its flavor.

And alcohol is no exception! Recently, Korean Soju brand JINRO introduced its fifth flavored soju to the Philippines: JINRO Peach

Here’s a quick getting-to-know with this sweet-and-tart soju: ICYDK, soju is a clear and mildly alcoholic beverage made from fermented and distilled rice, barley, sweet potato, or tapioca. 

If you haven't tried soju, then imagine diluting vodka and adding a slight sweetness—that's how soju tastes when neat! But our fave way of enjoying soju is savoring a flavored one straight out of the fridge! 

You may have tried JINRO'S other flavored sojus. Now, you can try its latest: JINRO Peach, a juice-flavored beverage that balances the authentic Korean soju flavor and the sweet-tangy taste of a juicy peach perfectly. Try it chilled and thank us later!

Plus, because all JINRO flavored sojus have less alcohol compared to the JINRO non-flavored variants and other hard liquors (it has 13%, to be exact!), you can enjoy JINRO Peach for both fun and energetic nights or just chill ones with your friends. 

Also, not all sojus are the same! Yes, they're made with the same ingredients, but soju makers are known to tweak and customize their processes. 

That's what makes JINRO Peach taste amazing! Created by Korea's best selling soju maker, JINRO Peach uses a special Bamboo Charcoal Filtration to produce its signature clean, smooth, and sweet finish.

The best part about JINRO Peach is that you don't need to mix it with anything. Just chill it and drink it straight! 

Apart from JINRO Peach, you can also try JINRO's other flavors: JINRO Strawberry, JINRO Grapefruit, JINRO Green Grape, and JINRO Plum. 

That said, don't miss out on JINRO's newest variant, JINRO Peach, if you're up for a real and authentic Korean drinking experience! 

Enjoy authentic Korean soju with a sweet and tangy twist! You can shop JINRO Peach and JINRO Soju products online via Lazada, Shopee, The Booze Shop, Boozy, LiquorPH, and Clink.

For more information, visit and follow JINRO Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.



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