Staycation Tip: 4 Cocktail Ideas to Get Beach Vibes at Home

Perfect for those who don’t have time for a summer getaway.

( Who says summer is just all about the beach and long road trips? For true-blue homebodies and busy working bees, the scorching-hot season is the perfect excuse to retreat from the sun and linger in...the great indoors with friends. There’s no shame in having a staycation! Make it more exciting with Johnnie Walker Red Label, a vibrant and most versatile blended scotch whisky with a warm and zesty flavor. Its golden amber color in itself already creates a beachside vibe—so IG-worthy, and #nofilterneeded!


Ditch the sunscreen, turn on your tropical playlist, and make your staycations more fun with these four fuss-free Johnnie Walker Red Label Summer Cocktails:  


Johnnie Good Shot

Grab the nearest ice bucket and add a bit of a bubbly-zesty kick to your summer cocktail. This mix is straightforward and easy to pull off, all you need to do is to fill a glass with ice, add 40mL of Johnnie Walker Red Label, 80mL of lemon-lime soda, and garnish it with a slice of lemon. Can you spell refreshing? 


Pineapple Johnnie

You may hate pineapple on your pizza, but it’s a different story when you add bits of it into a glass of Johnnie Walker Red Label. Just fill a glass with cubed ice, add 40mL of Johnnie Walker Red Label, 120mL of pineapple juice, stir to combine, and voila! Instant freshness in a glass.


Johnnie Coco

Summer is not summer without an ice-cold glass of coconut water. Combine fresh coconut water from the kind neighborhood vendor with the subtle fruity flavor of Johnnie Walker Red Label—a sure crowd-pleaser! How to do it? Fill a glass with cubed ice, add 50mL of Johnnie Walker Red Label, 150mL of coconut water, and stir to combine—yes, that's how easy it is.


Johnnie Sundae Float

Here’s a quick fix for when you want to while away the hot summer hours: Quench your thirst and smother your taste buds with the best-quality Scotch whisky mixed with root beer and vanilla ice cream. Make this unique cocktail by filling a glass with cubed ice, adding 45mL of Johnnie Walker Red Label and 100mL of rootbeer, and topping it with vanilla ice cream. You’ll thank us later!


In famous Johnnie Walker fashion, simply “keep walking”—even if it means just happily strolling to the kitchen counter to whip up any one of these four fresh concoctions. You’ll be surprised that you won’t have to spend a lot of money to whip up these fancy cocktails. Think exquisite taste and value for money—you can’t go wrong with that combination.  


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