What's Your Favorite Filipino Dish? Celebrities Weigh In

Nothing beats a Pinoy dining table.


Fact: Filipinos are known to be avid foodies. Family gatherings and parties are not complete without the typical lutong-bahay fares, from lumpia and pancit to the pampabata favorites such as liempo and lechon.

Whichever land you may find yourself in, there’s nothing like good ol’ Filipino food to give you that homey comfort. So which one's your favorite? Here's a list of the finest lutong bahay dishes ever made, according to the likes of Carla Abellana, Jun Sabayton, and Basti Artadi:

Bianca Araneta-Elizalde
Restaurant Owner, Brand Endorser, TV Personality and Book Author
"At home, we make an excellent rice bibingka or biko—made with organic, sticky rice, homemade coconut cream, and coconut sugar. It's my favorite sweet cheat and always a hit with guests when they come over."

Amor Maclang
Award-winning brand architect and marketing & communications innovator
"I have this strong belief that I've been a longganisa hunter during my past life. From Kassel to Tarbes to Ormoc, my mind palace for longganisa is rich."

JJ Yulo
Founder of Pinoy Eats World
"My favorite lutong bahay meal is tortang talong. I'd back that up with monggo, adobong puti, paksiw na tiyan ng bangus, and ginisang ampalaya."

Jun Sabayton
Social satirist and film/video director
"JT's Manukan or Balamban liempo ang paborito ko. At dahil Bisaya ako, mahilig ako sa kinilaw na isda."

Photo credit: Mahalin Pagkaing Atin

Raphael Keifer
President of Professional Models Association of the Philippines
"I love kilawin and in the Philippines each region has a different version of it. But nothing comes close to my kinilaw of northern Mindanao. The tabon-tabon makes all the difference."

Winnie Cordero
Actress and TV host
"Kung combo ulam, favorite ko yung paksiw na pata at ginisang monggo, any prito and garlic kangkong and inihaw na liempo and nilagang vegetables na may bagoong. Sarap!"

Janice Villanueva
"Besides the usual flagship dishes of our cuisine, I pick the lowly monggo guisado. It’s a simple dish with monggo beans as the star of the show. But cook it with ampalaya or dried shrimp or pork cubes – these different pairings change the whole experience. It’s simple to cook, very cheap to make, loaded with essential nutrients."

Chris Everingham
Dietitian, nutritionist, fitness coach, and Philippine Volcanoes member
"I like beef caldereta because it reminds me of when I was younger in Australia and we’d go to the Filipino community parties and that would be one of the dishes always there. Someone would always make it."

Carla Abellana
Actress and brand endorser
"I would have to say that my favorite is Ilonggo cuisine because I happen to be Ilonggo. I particularly love Bacolod chicken inasal, kansi, Iloilo la paz batchoy, napoleones, and piaya."

Photo credit: Mahalin Pagkaing Atin

Basti Artadi
Award-winning vocalist of Wolfgang 
"My favorite Filipino food is kare-kare because it’s hearty, it’s got meat, it’s got vegetables, it’s got sauce, and you have to have bagoong."

Ricardo Cepeda-Go
Actor and foodie
"I'm a huge adobo fan! My favorites are the drier versions that have a little oil and a lot of flavor. When I cook it, I use lots of garlic and cook the meat two-ways to give it plenty of texture while keeping it tender."

Janice de Belen
Multi-awarded actress and television host
"My favorite Filipino food is adobo! It can be cooked in many different ways and is even better the morning after."

Snooky Serna
Award-winning actress
"Pampanga's palabok is a comfort food for me. The creamy sauce and the salty chicharon are my favorite parts. Whenever I can, I always have a plate or two!"

Marco Lobregat
Food and tourism advocate
"When I was growing up, my lola used to make a great pancit palabok and so that's one of the top dishes that come to mind. Every time I have it I remember her and her great dishes. She also used to make a really good chicken barbeque."

Wil Dasovich
YouTube sensation and TV personality
"Adobong pusit! I only recently tried it at hindi lang siya malinamnam, masustansiya pa. Meron siyang Omega 3 at low fat. Importante 'yun dahil ang mantra ko ay 'health is wealth.'"

Adolf Aran
Business consultant
"My favorite local food is sinigang, because of its diverse souring agent, proteins and vegetables. My favorite cuisine is Tagalog cuisine, because it has the best of all the regional cuisines have to offer."

Bubbles Paraiso
Model and actress
"I love shrimp sinigang, especially my lola's recipe. I also like laing—my friend's cook is from Bicol so every time I'm over I request for it."

There's so much to enjoy on a Filipino dining table. It gets even better when the food served are home-grown, lovingly cultivated by the local farmers.

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The movement is also directed towards providing sustainable livelihood businesses to areas with high incidence of poverty, disasters, and conflict. It also aims to tell the story of the farmers, whose produce reflects the various geographical conditions in the country, as well as the differences in local farming practices and culture. 

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