10 Things Long-Time Couples Can Do to Spice Up Date Night

Because even if you've been together forever, you should still go on dates.


(SPOT.ph) Keeping a relationship strong isn’t easy—even when you’ve already reached long-term status, it still takes some work to keep things smooth between the two of you. For starters, you still need to “date” each other. And to keep dates interesting, here are some activities that you might want to try.

Go to a firing/archery range.
Relationships can get tense, and couples should have an outlet for this. If you’ve been testing each other’s patience lately, a day at the shooting range might help relieve the tension. 

Take up a contact martial art.
Avoid fights with your S.O. and channel your rage elsewhere. There are gyms all over the city that teach combat disciplines—just look around and take your pick.

Work out together.
They say couples who stay together gain weight together, too. Do you agree? Lose those extra pounds at the gym or even just at home with closed-space exercises.

Visit a museum.
Bring some culture into your relationship. Learn about history and the arts by visiting our local museums. And it’s pocket-friendly—most places don’t have entrance fees and are open for everybody.

Watch other things, not just films.
Concerts, live gigs, musicals, plays, sporting events, poetry slams, rap battles—there's a whole lot more out there to watch than movies.

Try out new restaurants.
Don't just settle for food that both of you are already familiar with. Go for a cuisine or restaurant concept you both haven't tried before—you might stumble on a smooth, new favorite in the process. 

Join a tour group.
Look for a travel tour online and book a trip that is also open to other travelers. Aside from seeing and learning about new places, you also get to spend time with new people.

Take up crash courses.
Dates don’t always have to be romantic—they can be practical for a change. Enroll in classes like cooking, painting, dancing and learn a smooth, new skill—the sky's the limit! What’s important is that you both enjoy.

Go on a spa date.
Be smooth and surprise your S.O. with a spa date. Nothing like a good massage to work out the kinks and knots in both of your bodies.

Have drinks at a bar you both haven't been to.
Rekindle some of the earlier dates you've had by going to a new bar after work or over the weekend. Try the house specials, but make sure you both have a smooth drink that won't dissapoint. 

It always feels more like a legitimate date when you go out! So do some research and find a place that has all the things you like: good music, a pleasant ambience, and great food and drinks.

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