10 Treats to Give Yourself After a Long Day at Work

Because we all need a reward after especially taxing days.

(SPOT.ph) Maybe the boss decided to dump his bad mood on you, or you got three irate clients in a row, or your teammates all decided to go tamad mode on you today. Whatever the reason, stress is awful, but something you have to live with. So how do you deal with it? Have one of these things to look forward to.

Get a nice, long massage. There are tons of round the clock spas in the metro where they’ll be more than happy to massage your stress away. If not, dial up your own home service massage therapist and have it done at the comfort of your home.

Savor your “cheat” food in style. Chances are, you don’t have the energy to go all Masterchef in the kitchen after a long day at work, so get your favorite takeout comfort food, or dine-in at that new resto you’ve been wanting to try out. If you’re going to emotionally eat, might as well do it right.

Go couch potato mode. Catching up on the latest eps or heading to the movies for the last full show is always fun, but shouldn’t be done with complete abandonment. Go for two hours tops, and then head to sleep.

Enjoy a warm bath. Just like a massage, getting a warm bath makes you feel like you’re washing away the bad vibes from your day, and you’re good as new. Plus, you can stay there for as long as you like, since you’re not rushing to go anywhere except to hit the sheets.

Spend a few minutes on your pet project. If your coloring book, calligraphy set, or blog has been gathering dust, why not take it up for a few minutes? Have a bunch of unread books that are just begging ot be opened? Now's the time. 

Indulge your funny bone. Watch some FailBlog or read some funny memes. Rather than scrolling through your social media feeds and wondering, “How to be you, po?” go over to the bright side and search for feel-good content. From surprised cats to mouthwatering how-to recipes, the internet will not fail you.

Plan your next long weekend. Think of this as your “exit strategy” from the hell that is your work. Book your flights, whip up an itinerary, and even pack a few things in your luggage already for that vacay you’ve been salivating over.

Go shopping. Retail therapy works, no matter the amount. But, a suggestion: Why not purchase something that won’t break the bank, like an affordable tube of lipstick, or a cute bracelet? Best to not go crazy with buying your heart out, otherwise, you’ll end up being more stressed out because you’ll end up broke.

Create your own “staycation.” We don’t always have the pesos or time to get whisked off and pampered in a hotel, but we do have our own homes. So light a few candles, put on some soft music, crank up the AC or fan, and wear your ~fancy~ loungewear for some me time.

Enjoy a nice, hot drink. Imagine yourself cupping a big mug of hot chocolate in your hands, and taking your first, satisfying sip. Doesn’t that feel like a huge hug, or a pat on the back for surviving the day? Swiss Miss is 100% real milk, has got 50% more cocoa, and is caffeine free, so that you can lull yourself to sleep right after you finish it. With four flavors to choose from-marshmallow, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and dark chocolate mocha—rewarding yourself has never tasted this good.

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