4 Ways Good Food can Lead to Success

Compelling reasons to keep your tummy happy

There are thousands of ways to achieve success out there, but sometimes the most effective ones are also the simplest of them all. Eating good food, for one, can be one of the best stepping stones to success. Don't believe us? Here's why:

It's good for your health
To be at the top your game, you need to be in top condition, both physically and mentally. A healthy diet shoos away sluggishness, giving you the energy you need to pursue success. You'll also notice that your mind performs better when you're eating well; poor diets, on the other hand, can actually have a negative effect on your brain.

It's a great stress reliever
There's a reason why we get hangry (hungry-angry) faster when we're stressed. Outside of the emotional connections people make with “comfort foods”, there's an actual chemical effect at play here: endorphins, which are basically feel-good neurochemicals that have been found to reduce stress levels. The simplest way to get your brain to produce them is by exercising, but certain foods, like chocolate, also stimulate endorphin production – meaning you can literally ease stress with food.

It's a good negotiation tool
It turns out that splitting a dish with a troublesome business partner might be a top strategy. A study done at the Stanford Graduate School of Business found that in competitive negotiations (in which both sides are trying to get the best deals for themselves rather than with each other), deals were created with significantly more value when food was shared between parties. Interesting, huh?

Apparently, sharing food helps break up the tension in the air and allows people to pay more attention to each other, which in turn helps them think of opportunities they normally wouldn’t have under more competitive circumstances. Put this in practice by sharing a dish with your date!

It's an excellent reward
Sometimes, instant gratification is perfectly okay. Immediate payoffs for a job well done can keep you satisfied until the results roll in. This works on the principle of positive reinforcement—you're more likely to repeat certain behaviors if you can get a predictable positive reward for it. In short, rewarding yourself for good work motivates you to do more good work.

Good food is one of the easiest rewards to obtain, making it one of the most effective reward systems in the pursuit of success. Never hesitate to celebrate the little victories with good food, paired with an even better drink like Emperador brandy. Give a toast to yourself at the end of a productive day, and keep going down the path of success.

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