5 Kinds of Street Food Every Pinoy Should Try at Least Once

Your guide to Pinoy street food.


(SPOT.ph) Cultural experiences never seem to be complete without a food trip of the local street cuisine. With so much variety up for tasting, though, it can be tough to decide what to eat. Even for locals, choice paralysis happens. So to make things easier for you, here are five Filipino street eats that you should try at least once:




There are a few different types of ihaw ihaw, but isaw is the most common in the Philippines. This delicacy has proven itself to be a hit among locals and foreigners alike because of its particular taste and texture. Other in demand choices are betamax, tenga, atay, balunbalunan, and of course, pork barbecue.




The bright orange color of kwek-kwek is familiar to many. Essentially quail eggs covered in batter and deep-fried, kwek-kwek is a popular choice when merienda time comes around. Its distinct flavor, as well as its convenient shape and size, means it pairs well with a sweet, sour, or spicy sauce.



Turon with Langka

When it comes to sweet and filling street fare, banana seems to be the fruit that reigns supreme. It can be served in various ways and goes nicely with other local flavors. One variety combines sugary banana and slices of jackfruit, like SM Eats' Turon with Langka.




Takoyaki is a Japanese snack that has carved out its own space in the Pinoy street food scene. Typically layered with various sauces and topping, these ball-shaped dumplings hide a blend of minced octopus, ginger, and green onions inside.



Chicken Skin

A guilty pleasure for many, chicken skin is affordable indulgence at its finest. Easy to prepare, and even easier to eat, the crispy bite-sized treats are ideal for snacking on the go.


Pinoy street fare comes in all shapes and sizes. From grilled to deep-fried to chilled and served, there’s no end to the variety found in the local food scene. And while there are some mainstays and must-eats, such as isaw and kwek-kwek and the others on this list, the thing about street food is that each experience can be an adventure—one full of new flavors and textures every time.



Get your fill of street-side cuisine at SM Hypermarket’s Street Food Festival. It boasts over 50 food stalls sponsored by partner brands such as Unilever, Nestle, and Purefoods, and near-endless variety of street foods that all Pinoys love. And admission is free!



Eating isn’t the only thing you can do at the festival, either. You can also enjoy the cooking demos by chefs like Chef Boy Logro, fun games and prizes, appearances by celebrity guests, and even discounts on promo packs. On top of that, shoppers and foodies can get their hands on exclusive freebies using their stamp cards, which they can get at the entrance and fill out by participating in the different activities at the sponsors’ booths.



SM Hypermarket’s Street Food Festival opened on August 23 at the SM Mall of Asia, and will continue on in a road show until October. Catch it at SM City Clark on September 1-3, SM Center Muntinlupa on September 15-17, SM City Fairview on October 6-8, and back at SM Mall of Asia for the final leg on October 20.


Find out more about the Street Food Festival on Facebook.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with SM Hypermarket.
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