CHECK IT OUT: The Hub at Greenfield District

A new dining destination is in the works.

The Hub
88 United Street, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City



( We like to think of ourselves as bloodhounds when it comes to food and eating places (foodhounds?). Recently, our noses pointed us in the direction of The Hub at Greenfield District, a 2,000-square-meter dining strip that's bringing an interesting mix of dining options to this part of Metro Manila.


Many people still remember the place as EDSA Central; in fact, online maps still identify the area as such. Greenfield District has been making some pretty impressive changes to the area by transforming the overall look and atmosphere as well as creating a vibrant community and a different lifestyle experience. Greenfield District is the home of condominium developments such as Twin Oaks Place and Zitan, and the district promises comfort and convenience to future residents. It also intends to live up to its name by making a number of parks available in the very near future; a 7,000-square-meter park already sits in Greenfield and is the site of different Hub Happenings.



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Greenfield is massively upgrading with new retail establishments amid sprawling greens to serve the needs of its evolving community.


The Hub is one of the first steps taken by Greenfield District to attract a whole new crowd and people who normally don't venture to this part of the city, and its name is a nod to the former jeepney terminal that used to be found here.

According to Rene Arnobit, assistant vice president of the retail division of Greenfield District, "At The Hub, we're introducing restaurants that can be considered non-mainstream. This gives people different dining options that they can't find elsewhere in the area."



Enjoy various dining options with the different restaurants at the Hub. Photo courtesy of The Hub


Stuff yourself silly

So exactly what can you find at The Hub? Expect to get a little bit of everything. Start at Uncle Cheffy's for a sizeable meal, whether you're looking for barbecues and ribs that are slow cooked for hours, or their famous panizza.


Famous panizza and ribs from Uncle Cheffy’s



How can you go wrong with a basket of crispy fried chicken?



Chicken Charlie is your go-to place for a quick but yummy meal of crispy fried chicken. Serenitea is the perfect spot for refreshing fruit and milk teas. If you're looking for fruit smoothies with a healthy kick, Pump Juice Bar offers a vast selection; we also recommend trying their wheatgrass shot at least once-it's grassy, sure, but it's surprisingly sweet.


Angus Burger on Black Buns


Brothers Burger is dishing out their famous hefty burgers, including their Angus Burger on Black Buns, which was released in July in honor of their 14th year in business (mineral-rich bamboo charcoal gives the buns their sinister shade).



Shrimps on pizza: a winning combination from Uno Lounge



Uno Lounge Resto is great for late nights out and sometimes stays open till 3 or 4 in the morning. The place offers music and more grown-up versions of typical bar chow; have a taste of their Seared Cajun Tofu with Crispy Pork Ears and marvel at its different take on tokwa't baboy.


If you're hungry for more, you can also check out Kanin Club, Cafe Breton, Y-Tree Milk Tea Hub, and Ramen Bar. The Hub is also the new home of Blackwood Bistro, which just moved here from The Venice Piazza. Watch for the opening of Picket Fence, too, and get your fill of ice cream and gelato from Australia.



Photos by TJ Tantiangco unless otherwise indicated


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