New Restaurant Alert: Lizzy Latte at Legazpi Village, Makati

This Instagram-friendly neighborhood joint comes up with the most fun ice-blended coffees.

Lizzy Latte
G/F Builder Center Building, Salcedo Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City
Contact: 0915-412-4224
Open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.




( Heads up, coffee nerds—Legazpi Village is having another brewed awakening. 


We’re talking about Lizzy Latte, the stealthy neighborhood joint that’s been quietly causing a stir on Salcedo Street. Wholly owned by a spirited coffee enthusiast who got tired of over-sugared drinks sold at big chains and the lackluster brews at smaller ones, this hip little café is all about raising the coffee culture bar even higher— premium lattes, custom-blend espressos, dreamy baked goods, and all.  



Very casual



For some fun quiet time


The first thing that’ll have you Instagramming away is that enormous mural painted on the wall bearing their mantra, “delicious lattes with a twist.” The place isn’t huge, just enough room to house several wooden tables, a tiny bar facing the wall for solitary drinkers, and a small elevated area that might be the best spot for you if you want a little more privacy. 


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Memories on a wall



Another take on coffee art


Don’t expect a ginormous menu. It’s all about careful curation here. To craft the smoothest brew possible, Lizzy Latte goes as far as importing beans from four different countries to create their signature roast—a super smooth blend that’s the antithesis of jitter-inducing barako. This means you can actually enjoy several cups at ease, sans the caffeine shakes.


Come here for the unabashed coffee concoctions because they’re the specialty. They were probably the first to make fruit-infused lattes a thing, with adventurous flavors like Piñacolada and Banana. And unlike calorie bomb fraps elsewhere, the ice-blended selection leaves enough room to bring out the flavor of their custom blend without OD-ing on excessive sugar.



Green Tea Grandeur



Latte with Bean Art



3D Cappuccino




Mocha Mint Latte


So far, the Blueberry Bliss (P160), a smooth ice-blended drink made subtly sweet by blueberry fruit puree with blueberry bits you can taste, has earned a cult following. This is what the baristas will recommend if it’s your first time here because it’s extremely likable, even for non-latte drinkers. Some say they’re hooked on it. 


Their Mocha Mint Latte (P150)simply put, is Christmas in a cup. Order it if you’re in the mood for a rich blend of European chocolate powder, crème de menthe, and a shot or two of espresso. Green tea devotee? The ice-blended Green Tea Grandeur (P160) bravely fuses award-winning matcha green tea powder with a shot of espresso, milk, and some whipped cream, so it’s like a green tea frap with a kick...and it works!


There’s no kitchen here, but they do a nice job of serving gourmet sandwiches and pastas if you’re looking for something quick but filling. You can’t go wrong with the Chunky Chicken Champion (P160) sandwich, which piles on a tasty combo of chicken, bacon, ham, egg, and cheddar cheese on toasted ciabatta. The Charmarella Tuna Melt (P160) pays tribute to a classic featuring three kinds of melted cheeses, tuna, and slices of egg.



Chunky Chicken Champion



Charmarella Tuna Melt



Green Tea Brazo, Green Tea Grandeur, Cheesoreo


And because where great coffee is, sweet treats can’t be too far behind, don’t make the mistake of ignoring the desserts on display! The Cheesoreo (P70) cookie is a chewy cloud of cheese and Oreo bits that’s light and lush at the same time. Oh, and hats off to the makers of their Brazo Green Tea (P120), a.k.a. a frozen brazo given a green tea ice cream upgrade. There’s a teasing layer of caramel butter under the meringue, right after the thick layer of ice cream and before the graham cracker crust, and it’s divine! 




Photos by Jericho San Miguel

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